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EA Changes Origin Refund Policy After Being Hit by Australian Consumer Watchdog 04/27/15
Why Cities: Skylines Is The SimCity We Wanted - The Gist 03/23/15
SimCity and Sims 4 Development Continuing After Shutdown of Maxis Studio 03/04/15
Battlefield 4 PC on sale for $25, Titanfall $48 on Origin 04/17/14
SimCity Updated Review: 5 / 10 04/09/14
EA CEO: "When we get it a little bit wrong, we do our best to fix it." 03/23/14
SimCity and Diablo III Changes, Walmart's Used Game Announcement - The Lobby 03/19/14
SimCity Offline - Gameplay Tutorial 03/18/14
Rejoice! SimCity's offline mode is rolling out today 03/18/14
SimCity's long-awaited offline mode nearly here 03/14/14
EA on Battlefield 4/SimCity issues -- "When you push innovation, you miss other things" 03/11/14
GS News Top 5 - Microsoft claims PS4 and Xbox One differences are marginal; SimCity offline mode coming! 01/17/14
Feedbackula - Sim City Offline Mode Moans 01/17/14
Why did a SimCity offline option take so long? 01/14/14
GS News - Respawn Responds! + Sim City Finally Has Real Single Player? 01/13/14
SimCity will get an offline mode in next patch 01/13/14
EA encourages SimCity modding with limitations, still considering offline mode 01/11/14
GS News - Top 5 Stories of 2013! 12/20/13
SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Review: 5 / 10 11/20/13
SimCity Review: A Real Mayor's Perspective: 4 / 10 11/15/13
The Happy, Despondent, Shiny, Gritty People of SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow 10/28/13
Sim City: Cities of Tomorrow Preview 10/28/13
First SimCity expansion launching November 12 09/19/13
SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow - Teaser Trailer 09/19/13
EA to donate 80 percent of new SimCity DLC to Red Cross 09/18/13
GS News - Grand Theft Auto V is DONE and EA drops offline 08/26/13
SimCity for Mac launches August 29 08/05/13
SimCity sales hit 2 million 07/24/13
SimCity creative director "dismayed" at game's launch 07/17/13
SimCity creative director leaves EA 07/16/13
EA considering offline mode for SimCity 07/05/13
SimCity for Mac delayed to August 06/06/13
SimCity 4.0 update detailed 05/24/13
SimCity Amusement Park Pack DLC confirmed after retailer leak 05/17/13
Will Wright interested in games that intersect with players' lives 05/09/13
SimCity launch 'inexcusable' says Maxis co-founder Will Wright 05/07/13
First major SimCity update next week 04/19/13
Buy toothpaste, get SimCity DLC 04/16/13
SimCity hits Mac June 11 04/10/13
SimCity sees return of Cheetah Speed 04/10/13
GS News - EA named 'Worst Company In America' ...again 04/09/13
Is EA the Worst Company in America? 04/05/13
Free SimCity DLC offers sponsored Nissan Leaf car dock 04/03/13
GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 20: End of March Madness 03/29/13
EA says DRM a 'failed, dead-end strategy' 03/27/13
EA again in running for Consumerist's Worst Company In America title 03/20/13
New SimCity update addresses traffic issues 03/19/13
Origin exploit discovered 03/19/13
Origin hits 1.3 million peak concurrent users 03/18/13
SimCity sells 1.1 million in two weeks 03/18/13
EA details free Origin games as apology for SimCity launch disaster 03/18/13
EA: SimCity offline mode 'didn't fit with our vision' 03/15/13
Feedbackula - SimCity Server Outrage 03/15/13
SimCity traffic problems being fixed, says Maxis. 03/15/13
SimCity servers aren't required, offline mode possible - Report 03/13/13
SimCity - A Week Later 03/12/13
GameSpot GamePlay Episode 33: Salmonella Commendation 03/12/13
Plays Like... SimCity 03/11/13
Maxis: SimCity woes are 'almost behind us,' but still not ready to give the 'all-clear' 03/11/13
UK Chart: Tomb Raider finishes top, SimCity enjoys strong launch 03/11/13
SimCity Shows the Dark Side of Online Gaming 03/09/13
EA giving free PC game to anyone who bought SimCity 03/08/13
GS News- EA not offering refunds for SimCity digital copies 03/08/13
EA suspends some SimCity marketing - Report 03/08/13
SimCity launches in the UK without major connectivity woes 03/08/13
Maxis internal SimCity memo leaks 03/08/13
EA has 'no plans' to bring SimCity to console 03/08/13
EA not offering refunds for SimCity digital copies 03/08/13
Video Review - SimCity 03/07/13
SimCity Review: 5 / 10 03/07/13
Water Works Gameplay Video - SimCity 03/07/13
Planting Tree Gameplay Video - SimCity 03/07/13
Ferry Terminal Upgrades Gameplay Video - SimCity 03/07/13
That New Releases Show (GameSpot x Giant Bomb) 03/07/13
Amazon reinstates SimCity digital copies 03/07/13
Have SimCity server woes and need help? 03/07/13
EA disabling 'non-critical' SimCity features to address server woes 03/07/13
EA pledges to commit 'everything we have' to fix embattled SimCity servers 03/07/13
GS News - SimCity Broken? 03/06/13
EA is 'confident' SimCity UK launch won't repeat US mistakes 03/06/13
AU Shippin’ Out March 4-8: Tomb Raider, SimCity 03/03/13
New Releases: March 3rd - 9th 03/01/13
Sim City - How Does Will Wright Play SimCity? 02/27/13
SimCity - Mayor Memories 02/22/13
Second SimCity beta this month 02/08/13
Reinventing the City of Your Imagination - SimCity 02/04/13
SimCity - Three Major Landmarks Trailer 01/29/13
SimCity PC beta next weekend 01/18/13
SimCity - Introduction Trailer 01/09/13
GS News - Maxis: SimCity's always-on DRM for gamers' benefit 12/21/12
Maxis: SimCity's always-on DRM for gamers' benefit 12/21/12
Supply, Demand, and SimCity's Global Market 12/13/12
Sim City - Casino CIty Gameplay 12/11/12
SimCity is a Beautiful Disaster 11/29/12
SimCity delayed slightly 10/24/12
SimCity - How to Deal with Disasters Trailer 10/15/12
SimCity (2013) Gameplay Footage 10/04/12
PC gaming not dead, says Maxis 08/29/12
Full EA Press Conference - GamesCom 2012 08/16/12
SimCity World Gamescom Trailer 08/14/12
Sim City E3 2012 Booth Tour 06/06/12
SimCity: The Renovations Continue 06/05/12
SimCity (2013) Official Trailer 06/05/12
SimCity (2013) CG Trailer 06/05/12
Sim City: Now With Curvy Roads 06/04/12
EA E3 2012 Conference Mash-up 06/04/12
SimCity: Never Stop Building 06/04/12
Burnout dev making Need for Speed Most Wanted 06/01/12
Crosshairs: Max Payne 3, Survival Horror Games, Always-On DRM 04/13/12
Economic Loop - SimCity (2013) Demo Video 04/03/12
New SimCity to require constant Internet connection 03/28/12
Fear and Excitement in the New SimCity 03/28/12
Glassbox Demo - SimCity Trailer 03/20/12
SimCity Debut Trailer 03/06/12
SimCity returns in 2013 03/06/12