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Vampire Saga 3: Break Out


When Doctor Crow is beckoned to the town of Hill Lock in order to perform an autopsy on a mutilated cadaver, he soon realizes that Hill Lock is no ordinary town. Come nightfall, the townspeople morph from nice, law abiding citizens into hot-blooded, murderous nymphs. Using his deceased daughter as his guide, Dr. Crow will come to understand the roots of this terror one decrepit being at a time. Beware of those you encounter in Hill Lock as nothing is what it seems. Help Doctor Crow explore each of the 36 eye popping locations and nine hidden object scenes in order to find out what is truly going on. Nothing can be taken for granted in this doomed town, bursting at the seams with blood thirsty, night-crawling creatures. Pay close attention, for you could be next!
Release Date: March 8, 2012

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