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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing


Useful console commands for cheating (Pre-Patch)

Start the game from the main menu, press Enter to open chat window and type "/" (without quotes) and commands below. Commands are case sensitive and use single spaces only, otherwise you will get unknown command error. Example: Enable god mode: /Const INVULNERABILITY=1 Disable god mode: /Const INVULNERABILITY=0

HERO_ABILITYPOINTS_PER_LEVELUP=10Ability points you earn per level (Default=5)
ONE_SEC_COOLDOWN=1All spells have one second cooldown
HERO_BASE_CRIT_CHANCE=100Base crit chance percent (Default=5)
CHEAT_VENDOR=1Buy items for free!
SHOP_RESTOCK_TIME_IN_SEC=0Duration which vendors will refresh their items. (Default=600) When set to zero, items will refresh with each click, useful in gambling!
/Const VARIABLE=valueEdits a game variable. (listed below)
HERO_HP_PER_LEVELUP=50HP amount added after each levelup (Default=5)
HERO_HP_REGENERATION_BASE=100HP regeneration rate (Default=1)
COMPANION_ABILITYPOINTS_PER_LEVELUP=10Katarina's ability points per level (Default=3)
COMPANION_BASE_HP=500Katarina's base HP (Default=130)
COMPANION_HP_PER_LEVELUP=50Katarina's HP points per level (Default=20)
COMPANION_RESPAWN_TIME_SEC=1Katarina's respawn duration after her death in seconds (Default=60)
COMPANION_ERRAND_TIME_SEC=1Katarina's shopping time in seconds (Default=60)
COMPANION_SKILLPOINTS_PER_LEVELUP=10Katarina's skill points per level (Default=2)
CHEAT_TRAPS_ON=1Learn traps for free
SOLDIER_CASUAL_MULTIPLIER_LOOT=10Loot ratio in casual difficulty (Default= -0.2)
SOLDIER_HARD_MULTIPLIER_LOOT=10Loot ratio in hard difficulty (Default=0)
SOLDIER_HEROIC_MULTIPLIER_LOOT=10Loot ratio in heroic difficulty (Default=1.5)
SOLDIER_NORMAL_MULTIPLIER_LOOT=10Loot ratio in normal difficulty (Default= -0.1)
HERO_MANA_REGENERATION_BASE=100Mana regeneration rate (Default=5)
MINIMAP_SIGHT_RANGE=10000Map sight range. set to 10000 or more to remove the fog of war (Default=200)
POTION_DRINK_COOLDOWN_SEC=0Potion cooldown duration in seconds. (Default=8)
HERO_RAGE_PER_KILL=45Rage point earned per kill (Default=5)
HERO_RAGE_REDUCTION_PER_TICK=0Rage points reduced after each interval (Default=1) (by default, 1 rage point fades in every 20 seconds when idle)
COMPANION_ERRAND_PRICE_MODIFIERSelling price penalty for Katarina. Change to 1 for full price (Default=0.7)
HERO_RANGED_RANGE=500Shooting range for pistols and rifles. (Default=220)
HERO_MELEE_RANGE=50Shooting range for swords. (Default=24)
HERO_SKILLPOINTS_PER_LEVELUP=10Skill points you earn per level (Default=3)
CHEAT_MAGIC_ON=1Turns magic debug mode on/off. In magic debug mode your mana is restored immediately while casting spells and learning new skills is free.
HERO_BASE_HP=9999Your base hp (Default=150)
HERO_BASE_MANA=9999Your base mana (Default=100)

Contributed By: sinand99.