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Watch Dogs


All Special Weapons

Unlocked by completing certain sets of missions.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Stop 20 crimesChrome Revolver
Stop 10 criminal convoysDestroyer Sniper Rifle
Do 17 QR codesGangster Tommy Gun
Complete 9 weapons trades missionsSpec Ops Goblin Assault Rifle
Complete 6 missing persons casesWildfire Assault Rifle

Contributed By: Dabrikishaw15.

City Hotspot Badges

You can earn a total of 43 different badges by completing various tasks related to the 100 City Hotspots.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Check into the John Hancock Center on the fourth of July (system date).A More Perfect Union
Check in at The Chicago Yacht Club.Ahoy!
Check in at the Vault Tower, Willis Tower, Triomphe Tower, Chicago World News Tower, WKZ-TV Tower, Water Tower, and the John Hancock Center.Architectural Marvels
Check in at the Burned Down Factory.Ashes to Ashes
Check in at the Junkyard 10 times.Auto Graveyard
In a multiplayer session, check into the May Stadium with 3 players on your friends list.Batter Up!
In a multiplayer session, check into a location that a player on your friend list has already checked into.Best Buds
Become the mayor of City Hall.Big Kahuna
Check in at the Cermak Bridge, the Bridge Construction, and the Vyvyn K. Turner Bridge.Bridge Builder
In a multiplayer session, check in at the Abandoned Station with a friend.Broken Rail
Check into The Chicago Yacht Club and the Windy City Shipyards within 90 seconds of eachother.Call of the Water
Check into the St. Joseph Cemetery at midnight (game time).Cemetery Waltz
Check in 100 times total.Centurion
In a multiplayer session, check into a location where 4 other players are checked in.Crowd Surfer
Check in at the Dam.Dam It!
Check in at the Pawnee Trailer Park.Double Wide
Check into the Palin Correctional Center while actively chased by the police.Fugitive
Check in at 10 unique locations in the game.Getting Around
Leave 5 gifts at check-in locations.Got You Something
Check into the Botanical Gardens when it's raining.Green Thumb
Check in at the Forever Sculpture.Has Bean
Check in at the Abraham Lincoln Statue.Honest Abe
Check in at 35 East Wacker Drive.Jewelers' Delight
Check in at the Harbor Lighthouse.Keeper of the Lighthouse
Check in at the Pawnee Mill.Lumberjack
Check into a City Hotspot with maximum felony active.Man on the Run
Check into every location in-game at least once.Native Chicagoan
Perform your first check-in at any location in the game.Newb
Become the mayor of a City Hotspot.Newly Elected
Check in at Blume during a blackout.Nightcrawler
Check in at the Owl Motel and the Crazy Moose Inn within 240 seconds of each other.Pack Your Bags
Check into the Navy Pier Building.Pier Pressure
Become the mayor of 3 locations at the same time.Power Hungry
In a multiplayer session, check in to the same location as a player on your friends list within 30 seconds of each other.Power of Friendship
Check in at the same location 5 times within a 7-day period.Regular
In a multiplayer session, check into the Owl Motel with a friend after midnight (game time).Romantic Getaway
Check in at the Chicago Arts & Sciences Center.Sophisticated
Check in at 5 unique locations in game.Take Five
Check in at the Ambrose Theatre, the Phoebus Theater, and the Cree Theater.Theater Buff
Check in at the 3 tallest buildings in the game.Top of the World
Check in a total of 200 times.Uber Tourist
Check in at the Cermak Bridge.Water Under the Bridge
Check in at the WKZ-TV Center during a communications disruption.We Are Not Alone

Contributed By: Shadow..

Digital Trip Outfits

Beating the various Digital Trips can unlock you new outifts.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlocked after beating the Alone Digital Trip.Alone
Unlocked after beating Conspiracy Digital Trip.Conspiracy!
Unlocked after beating Madness Digital Trip.Madness
Unlocked after beating Psychedelic Digital Trip.Psychedelic
Unlocked after beating Spider-Tank Digital Trip.Spider-Tank

Contributed By: Shadow..

Investigation Rewards

Completing Investigations in Watch Dogs will earn you some new Vehicles and Weapons.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 16 QR codes.Gangster
Collect & hack 10 Human Trafficking Briefcases.Magnate LE
Locate 9 of the Weapons Trade shipping crates.Spec-Ops Goblin
Collect 7 burner phones.Vespid LE
Find 6 missing people.Wildfire

Contributed By: Shadow..

Main Mission Rewards

Playing through the campaign will unlock various rewards as you progress.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Start 'Open Your World' (Act I, Mission 05)Skill Tier 2 Unlocked
Complete 'No Turning Back (Part 1)' (Act IV, Mission 07)Vehicle: Gambino
Complete 'Stare Into the Abyss' (Act II, Mission 11)Vehicle: Luciano
Complete 'The Defalt Condition' (Act IV, Mission 04)Vehicle: Rosewood

Contributed By: Shadow..

Minigame Rewards

Successfully completing the Minigames in Watch Dogs will earn you rewards such as new weapons or skills.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Reach wave 5 in NVZN.Auto Weapons Expert
Complete 10 Chess puzzle challenges.Maximized Focus
Earn one gold star in any Cash Run gameP-9mm
Reach the 5th level against one single opponent in a drinking contest.Piledriver
Fully clear out one poker tableSayonara LE
Beat 3 levels of the Shell GameXB Bonus

Contributed By: Shadow..

Online Contract Rewards

Successfully completing Online Contracts in Watch Dogs will earn you various new weapons.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win 3 Decryption events.Decryption Loadout: Chicago Way ( Gangster MG, Chrome revolver, frag grenades)
Win 5 Decryption events.Decryption Loadout: Firepower (G106 launcher, R-33 Machine Pistol, IEDs)
Win 10 Decryption events.Decryption Loadout: Heavy Duty (U100 LMG, D12 Shotgun, Proxy Mines)
Complete 9 Online Races.Livraga LE
Successfully invade & hack 5 enemy Fixers.MP-9mm
Successfully invade & hack one enemy Fixer.OCP-11
Successfully invade & observe one enemy FixerSG-90
Successfully invade & observe 5 enemy FixersSO Vector .45ACP

Contributed By: Shadow..

Side Mission Rewards

Playing and completing Side Missions will unlock you new Skills, Weapons, & Vehicles.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete one Gang Hideout.AK-74
Complete 20 Fixer Contracts.Boxberg LE
Catch 10 criminals via the Crime Detection System.Chrome HP Revolver
Complete one Criminal Convoy mission.Critical Focus
Complete 10 Criminal Convoy missions.Destroyer
Complete 5 Fixer Contracts.Offensive Driver
Catch one criminal via the Crime Detection SystemQuick Switch
Complete 5 Gang Hideouts.Rapid Reload
Complete 10 Gang Hideouts.Spec Ops SMG-11
Complete one Fixer Contract.Zusume R

Contributed By: Shadow..


Shell Cup

When In Shell Cup game you find on the streets, you might lose the ball and lose money.... BUT if you do lose the ball just press the pause button, it has a x-ray type theme that will show you which cup the ball is in :)

Contributed By: XxBeasTameRxX.