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Painkiller: Hell & Damnation


Steam Achievements

Play with at least 4 other people and collect 4 frags more than any of your enemies4x4
Solo Campaign: Find 25 secret areasAdventurer
Destroy 300 barrelsBarrel hater
Kill 1000 enemies in Survival modeBeard Grill
Win Team Deathmatch with the highest score in your teamBest of the Best
Enclave: Kill Necrogiant in under 2:00 (Solo Campaign)Blessing
Collect all available Black Tarrot cardsCollector
Opera: Find all secret areas (Solo Campaign)Dark Soul
Spend 666 seconds on bunny-hoppingDemon Kangaroo
Swamp: Kill SwampThing in under 4:00 (Solo Campaign)Dexterity
Loonypark: Possess 25 enemies using Soul Catcher (Solo Campaign)Divine Intervention
Opera: Collect 100 souls (Solo Campaign)Double Haste
Colloseum: Pick up every ammo box (Solo Campaign)Double Time Bonus
Win Survival killing at least 2 times more monsters than your rivalsEmployee of the month
Cemetery: Beat the level (Solo Campaign)Endurance
Solo Campaign: Finish 3rd chapterEvil's Orphans
Solo Campaign: Collect 2012 pieces of gold from fallen enemiesFarmer
Kill 5 enemies with one rocketFive Points
Factory: Kill 30 enemies in demon mode (Solo Campaign)Forgiveness
Loonypark: Kill 3 monsters in a row using saw blade (Solo Campaign)Fury
Finish level without being hurtGhost
Solo Campaign: Finish 1st chapterGrave Digger
Orphanage: Kill all monsters (Solo Campaign)Greed
Finish special Halloween map and collect all lollipops for LucipherHalloween
Win Survival matchHard-bitten
Tutorial: Destroy all objects (Solo Campaign)Haste
Keep the hit ratio above 90% in whole levelHygienic
Play 10 different levels in cooperative modeI have friends
Get 30 kills in 3 minutes in Deathmatch modeInsolent
Orphanage: Gib 50 frozen enemies (Solo Campaign)Iron Will
Kill 256 enemies when bunnyhoppingJumping Death
Win Capture The Flag by bringing the flag to your base in last 10 seconds of the gameLast moment
Don't let any of your enemies collect Quad DamageMalicious
Gib 500 enemies entirely with rocketsMass Chopper
Shadowland: Kill Grim Reaper (Solo Campaign)Mercy
Collect 40 armorsMilitarist
Kill enemy at the same time he kills youMirror Effect
Kill 123 enemies with combo damageMountebank
Kill 666 enemies with Soul CatcherName of the Beast
Collect 667 souls of dismembered enemiesNeighbor of the Beast
Solo Campaign: Play whole game on Nightmare difficulty levelNightmare Lover
Finish 2nd chapterPenthouse Down
Kill 6666 enemies with stakesPlague
Shadowland: Collect all Holy Items (Solo Campaign)Rage
Colloseum: Morph into demon 3 times (Solo Campaign)Replenish
Win Survival matchRobber
Kill 3 enemies with one shotgun blastScavenger
Kill 3 enemies with one Boltgun shotSkewers
Solo Campaign: Finish the level using stakes only and don't miss any hitSniping Elite
Trainstation: Cut limbs of 100 enemies using Soul Catcher (Solo Campaign)Soul Catcher
Atrium Complex: Finish level in under 7:00 (Solo Campaign)Soul Keeper
Oriental Castle: Collect all Holy Items (Solo Campaign)Soul Redeemer
Shoot 50000 timesSpammer
Cathedral: Collect 330 pieces of gold dropped by enemies (Solo Campaign)Speed
Capture 3 flags playing as Eve in one gameSport Season
Play cooperative level and don't let your partner dieSurgeon
Solo Campaign: Play whole game on Trauma difficulty levelSweet dreams
Oriental Castle: Gib 123 enemies (Solo Campaign)Time Bonus
Kill 333 enemies with explosive weaponsTornado
Alastor: Kill Alastor in under 5:00 (Solo Campaign)Triple Haste
Kill 500 enemies with environmental explosionsTwister
Don't die and win multiplayer gameUntouched
Kill 999 enemies with ShotgunUpside Down Beast
Cathedral: Collect 500 gold (Solo Campaign)Vitality
Collect 500 ammo cratesWarehouseman

Contributed By: Guard Master.