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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct


Steam Achievements

Completed All Marked Destinations on the MapBeen Everywhere
Killed 5 Walkers with One ExplosionBOOM! Who Needs a Headshot?
Killed 100 Walkers while GrapplingCrash Course in Brain Surgery
Completed the Game with Only 1 Firearm and 1 Bullet Left in Your InventoryDown to My Last
Survived 5 BreakdownsDuct Tape Can Fix Anything
Chose to Travel at Least Once with Every Optional SurvivorEvery Man, Woman and Child
Sprinted Until You're Exhausted 10 Times in One LevelExtreme Conditioning
Completed the Final Marked Destination on the MapGet Out of Dodge
Completed 25 Optional ObjectivesGood Samaritan
Killed 4 Walkers in a Single Grapple SequenceGroup Hug
Arrived at Final Destination with Only Male SurvivorsGuys Night Out
Killed a Walker That Is Falling Due to DismembermentHave a Nice Trip!
Entered Sherwood Without Any SurvivorsI Can Handle This Myself
Shot a Walker in the Knee with a BoltI Used to Be a Human Like You
Dismembered All Limbs of 25 WalkersIt's Gotta Be the Brain
Consumed 50 MREsIt's Not Venison, but It'll Do
Pulled a Bolt From a Walker Then Killed Them With ItMind if I Borrow This?
Completed the Third ActMoving to the 'Burbs
Prevented a Walker from Damaging You by Severing Its Attacking LimbNeed a Hand?
Dismembered 250 LimbsNeed More Spots Up Front
Fired 300 BulletsNext Step: Bullet Belt
Found Every Useable VehicleNo Down Payments
Collected Every Stuffed SquirrelNo Stone Left Unturned
Completed the Second ActNobody Can Kill Merle but Merle
Completed a Marked Destination on the Map without Taking Any DamageNot a Scratch
Prevented 50 Walkers from Grabbing YouNow Don't You Get Bit!
Completed the First LocationOedipal Complex
Explored an Unmarked Travel LocationOn the Road Again
Distracted 50 Walkers with ItemsOoh, Shiny!
Shot a Walker with 10 Bolts without Killing ItPorcupine
Arrived at Final Destination with Only Female SurvivorsRosie the Rampager
Completed a Marked Destination on the Map Using Only FirearmsSay Hello to My Little Friend
Performed Execution Kills on 50 WalkersSneak Attack
Completed the First ActSorry, Brother
5 Survivors Were Killed While ScavengingStay Together, Stay Safe
Consumed 250 FuelStill Not Buying a Hybrid
Restored Survivors 25 TimesThat Looks Like It Hurt
Killed Walkers Using Every Melee WeaponThat's a Nice Swing You've Got
Killed 5 Walkers in the Cabot Ridge Creek BedThe Hunted Becomes the Hunter
Found Every PosterThe Missing 8
Killed Walkers Using Every Ranged WeaponThey Know Me at the Range
Completed a Marked Destination on the Map without Killing a WalkerThey're People, Too!
10 Walkers Were Killed with Saw Blades in the Logging CampThis Is How Hot Dogs Are Made
Completed a Marked Destination on the Map Using Only the CrossbowTrue Dixon
Killed Multiple Walkers with One BulletTwo Heads Are Better Than One
1 Optional Survivor RecruitedWe Survive by Pulling Together
Dismissed a SurvivorYou Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine
Perished 13 TimesYou're Doing It Wrong
Completed a Marked Destination on the Map without Being Grabbed by a WalkerYou're Just Not My Type
Explored 25 Unmarked Travel LocationsZig-Zagging All Over the Road

Contributed By: Guard Master.