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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn


Advanced Jobs

In order to unlock your classes advanced job you must first reach level 30 in your main class and level 15 in the sub class. Once these requirements are met you must complete the quest given by your the guild for your main class.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Archer 30 / Pugilist 15Bard
Thaumaturge 30 / Archer 15Black Mage
Lancer 30 / Marauder 15Dragoon
Pugilist 30 / Lancer 15Monk
Rogue 30 / Pugilist 15Ninja
Gladiator 30 / Conjurer 15Paladin
Arcanist 30 / Conjurer 15Scholar
Arcanist 30 / Thaumaturge 15Summoner
Marauder 30 / Gladiator 15Warrior
Conjurer 30 / Arcanist 15White Mage

Contributed By: colstripcapn and legendwait.