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Rush Bros


Steam Achievements

Complete Up & Down in three minutes, thirty seconds or less4Y, 3G, 2R, 1B
Complete L2Play in 35 seconds or less5-Star Start-Up
Complete Cities of the Future in two minutes or lessA Fungus Among Us
Complete Journey to the City in one minute or lessA New York Minute
Complete Circle Pusher 2.0 in one minute, forty five seconds or lessBall Rolling
Complete Noisy Ascent in two minutes or lessBeat Climber
Complete Fractured Path in one minute, forty-five seconds or lessBroken Road
Complete Shuffled Playlist in three minutes, thirty seconds or lessChose Wisely
Minding the gap since 1996Converting Vegetarians
Complete Door Gauntlet in 55 seconds or lessDo You Even Button Mash?
Complete Spikes Everywhere! in one minute, thirty seconds or lessDoesn't Afraid
Complete Vade Retro in 2 minutes or lessFacciamo Andare!
Complete Orange Complex in one minute, forty seconds or lessFast Navigator
Complete A Fork In The Road in five minutes or lessGemini
Complete That One Track in one minute, thirty seconds or lessGlitched Victory
Complete Cathode Way in 35 seconds or lessHard Light Show
Complete Spikes Everywhere! without dyingHard To Kill
Complete Wait For The Drop! without dyingHarder To Kill
Complete Climb without dyingHardest To Kill
Complete Reflux in 35 seconds or lessHeart Burn
Complete Acid Skips in 40 seconds or lessHipin-Hopper
Complete Aquarium in 45 seconds or lessHold Your Breath
Complete Find Three Keys without dyingImpossible Mission
Complete Tempo Temple in one minute or lessIndy 500
Complete Glitchf1eld1d% in one minute, thirty seconds or lessMissing Nothing
Complete Climb in two minutes, forty five seconds or lessMountaineer
Complete Lava Chase in 30 seconds or lessNope Nope Nope!
Complete Crunch Time in one minute, thirty seconds or lessNot Easily Fooled
Complete Round-A-Bout in two minutes, thirty seconds or lessNot Easily Lost
Complete Pixel Journey in two minutes or lessPixel Journeyman
Complete Level Red in two minutes or lessRed Citizen
Complete Circle Pusher in two minutes or lessRound & Round
Complete This End Up in two minutes or lessSat Upside-Down
Complete Blade-Core in one minute, thirty seconds or lessSaw What You Did There
Complete Find Three Keys in two minutes, thirty seconds or lessSpeedy Scavenger
Complete Rebound in three minutes, thirty seconds or lessSpring Hugger
Complete L2Play without dyingStick It To the Man
Complete Gestalt Effect in one minute, thirty seconds or lessSum of Parts
Complete Bring A Towel in three minutes or lessThanks For All The Fish
Complete Goodness Gracious in one minute, fifteen seconds or lessThat's Hot
Complete Wait For The Drop! in one minute or lessThrough the Pain
Complete Lumber Yard in 45 seconds or lessTimber!
Complete Trident in three minutes or lessTipple the Fun
Complete Bounce House in 40 seconds or lessWeeeeeh!
Complete Funky Forest in 45 seconds or lessWhat Turrets?
Complete Ramped Up in one minute or lessWhile You were Learning To Spell Your Name
Complete Springity Sprung in 35 seconds or lessWho Needs Wings?
Complete Boss.wav in one minute, thirty seconds or lessXilent Night
Complete The Room in two minutes or lessYou're Tearing Me Apart

Contributed By: BGoldTLE.