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Stealth Bastard Deluxe


Steam Achievements

Complete Sector 007 - Double StandardsAbove Standard
Favourite 20 community levelsAffirmative Action
Find all pickups in any ChapterAttention to Detail
Complete Sector 005 - The Downward SlideBeat the Slide
Play and Rate 20 community levelsConsumer Feedback
S-Rank all levelsConsummate Professional
Complete all SectorsContract Complete
Unlock all equipmentEquipped for Business
Read all of the corporate messagesInside Knowledge
Complete Sector 003 - Security CrackdownJob Security
Complete Sector 004 – Relocation OptionsLocation Manager
Create a level and playtest itNew Start-up
S Rank all levels in any ChapterOn the Fast-Track
Play and Rate a community levelOutside The Box
Complete Sector 006 - Silent TakeoverSilent Partner
Remix a community levelStrategic Restructure
Complete Sector 002 - Technical DamageTechnical Skills
Complete any level with every item of equipmentTools Plus Talent
Complete Sector 001 - Inhuman ResourcesValued Resource
Place X tiles and decals in a levelVisual Development
Unlock all levelsWorking Overtime

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Steam Achievements - DLC: The Teleporter Chambers

This title has a total of 6 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Complete a level without using a vending machineEconomy Class
Beat a level without jumpingFeet on the Ground
Collect all teleporter chamber pickupsFinder’s Fee
S Rank all teleporter chambersS We Can!
Complete Sector X01 –New ToysToy Master
Complete Sector X02 – Warped ThinkingWarped Mind

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.