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Don't Starve


Additional Playable Characters

Most of the unlockable characters are gotten by earning a certain amount of experience points. Each day survived earns you 20 experience and the total amount of experience you have is cumulative over all of your games played. Wes and Maxwell are the exceptions to this, and they can only be unlocked through playing Adventure Mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Adventure Mode.Maxwell
Survive a total of 32 days (640 exp)Wendy
Find a rescue Wes in Adventure Mode. Whether he spawns or not is random.Wes
Survive a total of 64 days (1280 exp)Wickerbottom
Survive a total of 8 days (160 exp)Willow
Survive a total of 16 days (320 exp)Wolfgang
Survive a total of 80 days (1600 exp)Woodie
Survive a total of 48 days (960 exp)WX-78

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