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Party of Sin


Steam Achievements

Defeat the Archangel MichaelAvenger!
Defeat an Angel PriestBlasphemer
Defeat "Crash Landing" without dyingBreaking & Entering
Defeat the Purgatory OverseerBroke the Machine
Defeat "Tortoise Port" without dyingCave Dweller
Defeat "Trench and Slide" without dyingClean Break
Defeat "Take Off" without dyingConqueror
Defeat the Demon NarwhalDeep Sea Angler
Defeat "Emergence" without dyingDon Quijote
Defeat the southeast door of the cathedral without dyingEnergy Efficient
Defeat the Demon SpiderExterminator
Defeat a Demon GuardFriendship Lost
Defeat "Overseer" without dyingMachine Master
Defeat "Sky Pirate" without dyingMiracle
Defeat the northwest door of the cathedral without dyingMirror Master
Purchase all the sin upgradesOmnipotent
Defeat the Airship Captain LurielPirate Captain
Defeat the northeast door of the cathedral without dyingRight at Home
Defeat "Damn Dam" without dyingSafe Surfer
Defeat a Templar WarriorSaint-Maker
Defeat a Shield AngelShield Breaker
Defeat "Badlands" without dyingSurvivor
Defeat a Warrior AngelUncivil Disobedience
Defeat "Windopolis" without dyingUnholy Spirit
Defeat an Angel CommandoVindictive

Contributed By: Guard Master.