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Space Hulk


Steam Achievements

Kill 1000 enemiesAngel of Death
Destroy 20 doors with a ChainfistBreacher
Complete a mission without using a single Command PointExemplar of the Codex Astartes
Kill 10 genestealers during one turn in the "Exterminate" missionExterminator
Finish the "The Sin of Damnation" campaignFor the emperor and Sanguinius!
Get all campaign achievementsForged in battle
Win close assault against BroodlordGrant us the strength to prevail
Calistarius must survive "Escape Route" missionHonour is my shield
Unjam a bolter 40 timesHonour Your Wargear
Escape with at least two Terminators before the start of the second wave in "Pitfall" missionLight in the darkness
Escape with eight or more marines during "Decoy" missionOur duty is done
Kill 6 genestealers with one psychic stormPower of the warp
Kill 6 genestealers in one shot with the flamerPyroclast
Have a terminator kill 3 genestealers in melee during one turnRed Thirst
The marine that picks up the chalice in "The Artefact" mission must be the one exiting the map with itRelic Bearer
Kill the broodlord in "Unknown Lifeforms" missionSever the head and the beast will die
Kill 5 BroodlordsSlayer of Monsters
Let no terminators die during "Defend" missionStand against the tide
No marine may exit the map before all have been put into play in the "Regroup" missionStand together or fall alone
Kill 30 genestealers with the assault cannonStorm of Iron
Kill 20 Genestealers with the power swordSword of Retribution
Survive 15 close combat encountersThe Emperor protects
Customize your bannerThe Emperors Finest
Cleanse both rooms in the same turn during "Cleanse And Burn" missionThe purging flame
Kill 40 000 enemiesThere is only war!
Wake all unconscious Marines and take no casualties during "Alarm Call" missionUnbowed and Unbroken
Survive "Suicide Mission" without any casualtiesVictory is nothing more than survival
Pass the C.A.T. between at least three terminators during "Rescue" missionWatch the claws

Contributed By: Guard Master.