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Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Four


Secret Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Find him in the Coral Cave behind the waterfall.Coral Golem
After obtaining the Dae-whale, fly to the floating temple off the southern-most point of the map. Inside defeat Cthulhu and he's yours.Cthulhu
Once you gain the daewhale fly to the absolute north west of the map on a floating island you will see doctor missingno. Defeat him to unlock Doctor Missingno (Doctor Blood) as a usable trainer.Doctor Blood
After obtaining the Dae-whale, fly to the gladiator arena and defeat the Fish Force to obtain him.Nigiri-Chu
In the third tower, one of the teleporters is red instead of blue. Inside of this is a room with a secret passage obscured by robotic scenery. Follow the passage and defeat Ninja Z to gain him.Ninja Z

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