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Leviathan: Warships


Steam Achievements

Win a 4-player game where everyone is fielding the Atlas class exclusively.Atlas Crushed
Complete the 'The Arctic Serpents' CampaignDeconstructed
Complete the 'Battle of Triem' Challenge.Dreadnought Mastery
Hit five enemies with a single railgun shot.Extreme Power Dunk
Add a friend to your friend list.Friendship
Complete the 'Attack on the Strait of Labris' Challenge.Gatemaster
Finish the tutorial.Have One on Us
Create a blueprint.It Floats Alright
Win a match without losing a ship.Just Like Trafalgar
Complete the 'Defense of Outpost 77' Challenge.Killer of Giants
Complete 'The Arctic Serpents' Mission 5 without destroying your pursuer.Nipped at the Heels
Finish a multiplayer match with four Players.Party on International Waters
Hit three enemies with a single railgun shot.Power Dunk
Complete 'The Arctic Serpents' Mission 2 without losing any platforms.Rock Solid
Create a fleet.Shipwright
Complete the 'The Sinking of Charybdia' Challenge.Survived the Fury
Complete the 'Skirmish in the Floral Isles' Challenge.The Cold Lady
Finish Mission 3 of The Arctic Serpents campaign.The Great Giant
Win a 4-player game where everyone is fielding the Buzzer class exclusively.You are Tiny.
Finish Mission 6 of The Arctic Serpents campaign.You're a Wizard

Contributed By: Guard Master.