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Age of Wonders III


Debug Mode cheats

At the launcher, go to Miscellaneous and tick "run in debug mode", then, in game hold control+alt and press C, then type the code and press Enter-. Note that some of these cheats can cause the game to become unstable.

NEXTTURNadvances a turn
TASMANexplores map, does not turn off Fog of War
CRUIJFFfree movement
HUYGENSfree spells
GLOOMYCITYgive selected city -1000 happiness
BOSCHgives 100.000 gold
THXBRIANgives 100.000 gold & mana, reveals map, gives all upgrades & spells
REMBRANDTgives 100.000 mana
GERARDSinstant loss
PHILIPSinstant production of current queue in every city
HEINinstant win
ERASMUSinstantly research all upgrades/spells
LEEUWENHOEKinstantly research current upgrade/spell
HAUERlevel up hero(es) in selected army
BARENTZreveal map including Fog of War
RUYTERspawn hero
SPINOZAunlock all upgrades/spells

Contributed By: 201090er and Tailz.


Steam Achievements

Complete a QuestAdventurer
Win any level with the Archdruid leader classArchdruid's Triumph
Form an AllianceBest Friends Forever
Create an item in the item forgeBlacksmith
Have 50 casting points on your leaderCaster
Start an Online GameChallenger
Win the Campaign for the CommonwealthChampion of the Commonwealth
Win the Campaign for the Elven CourtChampion of the Elven Court
Win 10 Online Multiplayer GamesChampion of Wonders
Freeze an enemy unitCold as Ice
Play a user created mapCommunity Member
Win any level with the dreadnought leader classDreadnought's Triumph
Win a Tactical BattleFirst Blood
Acquire a DwellingFriend of Monsters
Participate in a PBEM gameGoing Postal
Win 30 online Multiplayer GamesGrand Master of Wonders
Max out the race governance for three races in a single gameInterracial Harmony
Liberate an oppressed enemy city via a betrayal eventLiberator
Hatch an EggMama?
Win a Random ScenarioMaster of the Unknown
Mine CraftedMine Crafted
Get Pure Evil AlignmentOverlord
Produce all City-Upgrades in a single CityParadise City
Get Pure Good AlignmentProtector of the Light
Win as Commonwealth DefectorRebel of the Commonwealth
Win as Elven Court DefectorRebel of the Elven Court
Create a Custom LeaderRepresent
Win any level with the Rogue leader classRogue's Triumph
Research all skills in a single gameScholar
Raze or plunder a townScorched Earth
Promote a unit to GoldSeasoned
Embark a unitSeaworthy
Found an OutpostSettling Down
Win a Siege BattleSiege Master
Acquire an independent town through diplomacySilver Tongue
Win any level with the Sorcerer leader classSorcerer's Triumph
Recruit 3 Heroes in a single gameTalent Scout
Win an Online GameTaste of Victory
Win any level with the Theocrat leader classTheocrat's Triumph
Kill a frozen enemyTo Heal a Frozen Heart
Clear an Exploration SiteTreasure Raider
Win a PBEM gameV-Mail
Win any level with the Warlord leader classWarlord's Triumph
Fill all equipement slots on a single Leader or HeroWell Equipped
Force the AI to surrender to youYou Work for Me Now

Contributed By: Guard Master and Eevee-Trainer.