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Slender: The Arrival


Console Commands for Slender: The Arrival

Press the ~ key to bring up console. There are several Game Objects which can be manipulated from here. Most require that you first enable debug by typing "toggledebug 1". Enter 1 after the command to enable the command, 0 to disable the command. IMPORTANT! Do NOT use the command resetprefs. This will clear the license information for your game from your system. Upon restarting Slender: The Arrival you will be prompted to enter your license, potentially locking you out of the game if you no longer have access to your license.

addprogressAdd 1 towards completion of objectives
progressComplete all objectives
toggledebug 1Enable Debug Mode. Enables use of other commands, as well as displays log outputs for information such as Slender's movement data, etc.
master 1Enable Godmode, Unlimited Sprint, Unlimited Stamina
god 1God Mod (Will cause looping issues if captured, disable to resume at checkpoint))
lockscenesRelock All Stages
resetscrapbookRemove All Scrapbook Items
iamallamaReturns with "No you aren't"
showfpsShow Frames Per Second
sprint 1Unlimited Sprint
stamina 1Unlimited Stamina
unlockscrapbook 1Unlock All Scrapbook Items
unlockscenes 1Unlock All Stages

Contributed By: Urizzle and VeryHappyBoy.