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Steam Achievements

Get all 180 Steaks - Three Steaks on each levelAll the Steaks!
Collect a chain of 10 coconuts without stoppingC-C-C-Coconuts
Defeat the last Dino in a level within 6 inches of the BBQClose Call
Buy all the clothes in Shoppy's storeClothes make the Gopher
Send 100 Bruno Stegosauruses homeGo Home Bruno
Send 1000 Compies homeGo Home Compy
Send 100 Crash Pteranodons homeGo Home Crash
Send 10,000 Dinos homeGo Home Dinosaurs
Send 100 Hank Ankylosauruses homeGo Home Hank
Send 250 Petey Pteradactyls homeGo Home Petey
Send 250 Tina Triceratops homeGo Home Tina
Send 250 Todd Rexes homeGo Home Todd
Send 100 Vesa Velociraptors homeGo Home Vesa
Three Steak Level 1-12 using only Splodey BarrelsGophersplosion
Explode 50 BBQ dynamiteHaving a Blast
Send King Rex homeHeavy is the Head
Send 10 Dinos home with a single meteorHistorical Reenactment
Three Steak Level 3-19 using only Power UpsI have the power!
Three Steak Level 3-11 without clearing any rocksJust Work Around it
Send the final boss homeMore Like Mr. NO-man
Three Steak Level 1-19 using only 2 cardsPowerful Pair
Buy all the powerup cards in Shoppy's storeShoppasaurus Rex
Three Steak Level 2-19 using only Teleporter Twins and CrushersT-Rex Gauntlet
Send Steg Vicious homeThe Age of Quarrel
Three Steak Level 2-6 using only cards that cost 3 coconuts or lessThrifty
Visit Shoppy's store and buy an itemTo the Dino Store!

Contributed By: Guard Master.