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Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft


All Weapons

Draw your Pistols
Walk back one step
Walk forwards one step
Duck and stand up again
Turn around three times in any direction
Jump backwards

Hey presto! All weapons and loads of medi-packs. To get more ammo etc, just repeat the cheat.

Contributed By: Funguz.

Exploding Lara

One step back, one step forward, duck fully down, stand back up, turn around 3 full times, and do a backwards jump.

Contributed By: freakunique.

Next Level

To skip to the next level, perform the following actions:

Draw your guns
Walk one step backwards
Walk one step forwards
Duck and stand up again
Spin around three times (in any direction)
Jump forwards

Contributed By: Spug.


Lara's Home

When in the house, make your way to the library, go up the stairs and push the protruding book into the second bookcase on the right. This switches the fire off. Walk into the fireplace and climb up the left side and then on to the side, follow it and drop down. Carry on into the new room and walk to the crate. Pull it back for flares from the wall. Climb on to the ledge and pull the crate out twice. Then push it into the wall for convenience. Pull the lever, roll and run through the opening where the crate was, into the attic and down the stairs on the left. Jump over the railings, then jump right over the stairs, turn around and run through the open door. Get the flares and then go down and into the room. Pull the crate out into the middle then line it up with the opening above. Climb up and follow, then drop into the water. Keep swimming, taking every right turn and find the key on the floor by the glass. Grab it then go back to where you got into the water. then go back to the door that you opened before and go through. Now go to the racecourse and use the key on the lock. Now you can ride the quad bike.

Contributed By: freakunique.