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Titanfall 2 News Teased 08/21/17
Titanfall Spin-off Launches Next Week 08/05/17
Titanfall Boss Discusses New Spinoff, Moving On From Titanfall 2, And The Franchise's Future 08/03/17
The Best Xbox One Games 05/10/17
New Titanfall Real-Time Strategy Game Announced For Mobile Devices 05/03/17
Titanfall Mobile Game Canceled, Never Made It Past Beta 01/13/17
Reclaiming Call of Duty Part 1: The New Infinity Ward 11/03/16
More Titanfall Games Could Come After Titanfall 2 10/18/16
Titanfall Dev Recalls Pitching Its Star Wars Game to EA 10/18/16
Call of Duty Created in Part as a Jab at EA, Veteran Developer Says 10/17/16
GS News - The Last Guardian Delayed; Titanfall Frontline Mobile Game 09/12/16
Titanfall 2 Single-Player Campaign Revealed, Shows New Details 08/11/16
This Week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed 06/28/16
EA Explains Why Releasing Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 in 2016 Isn't a Bad Idea 05/10/16
New Star Wars Game Coming From Titanfall Studio 05/04/16
Titanfall 2 Development Team About 30% Larger Than First Game 03/29/16
Titanfall Now Free on PC With Origin Access 03/23/16
Here's When Titanfall Comes to Origin Access on PC 03/14/16
Titanfall Coming to Origin Access "Soon" 03/11/16
Titanfall Exec to Kojima: "I'm So Glad You Are Ready to Kick Ass Again" 02/20/16
Mass Effect Andromeda, New Battlefield, Titanfall 2 Release Dates Narrowed 01/28/16
EA Access Free for Xbox Live Gold Members Next Week 01/14/16
GS News Update: Titanfall Dev Working on New Third Person Action Property Alongside Titanfall 2 01/13/16
Titanfall Dev Working on New Third Person Action Property Alongside Titanfall 2 01/13/16
Microsoft Says Xbox One Cloud Tech Available to Any Game, Including PS4 Exclusives 12/20/15
New Titanfall Games in the Works for Mobile 10/29/15
Titanfall Hits 10 Million Milestone 10/03/15
New Version of Titanfall in the Works for Asia 07/29/15
Titanfall Coming to Xbox One's EA Access This Week, EA Reveals at E3 2015 06/15/15
4 Of The Worst Season Passes In 2 Minutes 05/13/15
Get Titanfall on Xbox One for Just $8 04/24/15
Get Dragon Age: Inquisition PC for $30 in New Origin Sale 04/02/15
Titanfall DLC Maps Added to Regular Playlists 04/02/15
Titanfall DLC is Free Forever on Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 03/13/15
GS News Update: Titanfall 2 Confirmed In Development 03/12/15
Titanfall 2 Confirmed in Development at Respawn 03/12/15
Titanfall DLC Goes Free on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC 03/11/15
GS News Top 5 - Tablet Power Surpassing Consoles; Free PS4 Multiplayer 02/13/15
EA Teases Titanfall 2 Won't Be Xbox-Exclusive 02/09/15
Top 5 Parkour Games 02/07/15
EA Xbox One Sale Offers Big Discounts on Titanfall, Dragon Age, More 01/27/15
Sounds Like Titanfall 2 Will Come to Steam 12/22/14
Non-Titanfall Game in the Works at Respawn 12/19/14
Xbox 360 - Best Games of 2014 Nominees 12/09/14
Xbox One - Best Games of 2014 Nominees 12/09/14
See our nominees for Xbox 360 Game of the Year 12/09/14
See our nominees for Xbox One Game of the Year 12/09/14
Huge Titanfall Xbox 360 Update Arrives December 1 11/26/14
Pre-Black Friday Sale on Over 200 PC Games Through Origin 11/25/14
Titanfall - New Gameplay Updates and Features 11/19/14
Titanfall Deluxe Edition Announced, Includes All DLC 11/19/14
Xbox One Titanfall Drops To $20 11/05/14
The Gist - Are We Oversaturated With Futuristic Shooters? 11/03/14
Get Titanfall on PC for $10 From Amazon 11/01/14
Quick Look: Titanfall: Frontier Defense 10/30/14
$30 GTA 5, $5 GTA 4, and $4 San Andreas HD in Xbox One/360 Weekly Deals 10/28/14
Titanfall Xbox One 50% Off Alongside Huge Markdowns On DLC 10/28/14
Weekly Recap: Huge Titanfall Update, Sunset Overdrive Is 900p, and Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoft 10/25/14
GS News - Halo 5 Gameplay Arriving; Nintendo Planning New Console? 10/22/14
Titanfall: Frontier Defense Mode Full Breakdown 10/22/14
Titanfall's New Co-Op Mode Finally Lets You Play Against AI 10/22/14
$550 Alienware Alpha vs. PS4 and Xbox One - Graphics Comparison 10/17/14
$550 Alienware Alpha vs. PS4 and Xbox One - Graphics Comparison 10/17/14
Xbox 360 Titanfall Players Get "IMC Rising" DLC Next Week 10/17/14
Battlefield 4 and Titanfall DLC Wind Down as Destiny Rises 10/02/14
GS News - New Call of Duty Co-Op Mode Revealed; Sleeping Dogs Sequel? 09/24/14
New Titanfall DLC Hitting Xbox One, PC on Thursday 09/24/14
Titanfall - IMC Rising Gameplay Trailer 09/24/14
GS News - New Call Of Duty Called ‘Titanfall Ripoff’; iPhone 6 Sales! 09/16/14
Titanfall DLC Map Zone 18 Screenshots and Details Released 09/14/14
The Gist - 4 PC Shooter Alternatives To Destiny 09/10/14
New Titanfall Update Unlocks Titan-Free Skirmish Mode 09/02/14
GS News - Titanfall Scraps Titans; Bungie Says Destiny Can’t Be Finished 08/28/14
Titanfall Introduces More Traditional FPS Mode for 16 Players Without Titans and AI 08/28/14
Titanfall Getting More New Modes, But Dev Says It Needs to "Move On" at Some Point 08/27/14
Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Discontinued 08/20/14
Watch Titanfall's Impressive Live Action Short, Free the Frontier 08/17/14
Titanfall: Free the Frontier Cinematic - Gamescom 2014 08/14/14
Xbox One Titanfall for $25, Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes for $15 in New Deals With Gold 08/14/14
Titanfall's Third Expansion Revealed at Gamescom 08/13/14
Titanfall's Third Map Pack To Be Revealed This Week -- What Are You Hoping To See? 08/11/14
Rejecting Modern FPS Design - GS Reakkts to Toxikk Trailer 08/04/14
Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge DLC - Is It Worth It? 08/01/14
Titanfall: Frontier's Edge - Gameplay Trailer 07/31/14
Last of Us Remastered, Rogue Legacy, Firefall and Titanfall DLC - New Releases 07/27/14
Watch Titanfall's Frontier's Edge DLC in Action; Launches July 31 07/23/14
GS News Update: Titanfall Update and DLC Revealed; New Maps and Blackmarket Coming July 31st 07/23/14
Titanfall $40 on Xbox One; Skyrim $10, Fallout 3 $5, and More Xbox 360 Deals Right Now 07/08/14
Titanfall's New DLC Will Take You to Beaches and Mines 07/08/14
Titanfall Update Data Points to New Game Modes Like Titan Tag 07/01/14
Titanfall Single-Player Would Feel Like a "Step Backwards," Respawn Says 06/27/14
You Can Now Watch YouTube Videos In 60fps Starting With Battlefield, Titanfall 06/27/14
GS News Update: Titanfall’s Latest Update is Live; New Game Modes, Titan Customization 06/26/14
Titanfall Developer Thinking About Free-To-Play, Mobile 06/26/14
Titanfall Dev Says Single-Player Not Ruled Out for Future Installment 06/26/14
Titanfall's Next Update Weakens the Game's Best Gun, Adds New Modes 06/25/14
Titanfall PC Free to Play for 48 Hours 06/20/14
The Gist - 4 Xbox One Games Worth Buying An Xbox One To Play 06/18/14
Respawn Hopes to Support Titanfall for a "Long Time;" Won't Confirm Titanfall 2 06/16/14
E3 2014: Veteran God of War Dev Joins Titanfall Studio 06/12/14
E3 2014: Exploring Titanfall's New Update with the Lead Artist 06/11/14
E3 2014: EA Says Titanfall Is the Best-Selling Xbox One Game to Date 06/11/14
E3 2014: Titanfall's Marked For Death is VIP Mode MK2 06/10/14
E3 2014: Titanfall 2 Coming to Xbox One and PS4 - Report 06/09/14
EA Bringing Titanfall, Dragon Age, and Battlefield to E3 06/06/14
Titanfall PC's CTF mode cut: Why it was dumped, and why it's now back 05/23/14
Titanfall Xbox 360 patch fixes rare invincibility bug 05/23/14
Reality Check - What is the Biggest Game in the World? 05/22/14
Should you buy Titanfall's first DLC? - The Lobby 05/21/14
Dust to Dust: The History of Counter-Strike 05/17/14
Get Titanfall PC for 40% discount in Origin Flash Sale 05/17/14
Titanfall PC's CTF and Pilot Hunter mode playlists removed 05/16/14
Titanfall live mini-map now available on your phone or tablet as you play 05/16/14
New Titanfall Maps Deliver Diverse Battlegrounds - Titanfall: Expedition DLC 05/15/14
PS4 outsells Xbox One in US during April; Titanfall remains top seller 05/15/14
Titanfall Expedition DLC - Now Playing 05/15/14
Titanfall Expedition DLC will be released for Xbox One and PC tomorrow, costs $10 05/14/14
Titanfall's next update coming soon; adds loadout, private match options 05/12/14
Titanfall: Expedition - Gameplay Trailer 05/12/14
Titanfall DLC gets its first gameplay trailer 05/12/14
Analog - Top Titanfall Alternatives 05/12/14
Titanfall DLC, updates land on Xbox 360 only after Xbox One, PC 05/10/14
Titanfall DLC map Swampland screenshots and details released 05/08/14
Titanfall: Expedition - Making of Swampland 05/08/14
Titanfall Review - Through the Eyes of a Lapsed Combatant: 8 / 10 05/07/14
More Titanfall experiences on the way, courtesy of EA 05/06/14
EA claims it's top next-gen game publisher in the West as profits increase 05/06/14
Titanfall Pilot and Atlas figures revealed by toy maker Threezero 05/04/14
Titanfall: Images and details for upcoming DLC map, Runoff 05/02/14
The guy with 1 million Gamerscore isn't stopping anytime soon 05/02/14
Best games of Q1 2014 - The Lobby 04/29/14
GS News - Gears of War devs tease bleeding edge tech; First look at Titanfall's new maps! 04/24/14
Titanfall's first DLC map shown off in new images 04/24/14
Titanfall is $37 all day today at Amazon 04/22/14
Xbox One + Titanfall + Forza 5 = $450 at NewEgg [UPDATE: It's over] 04/21/14
AMD: How To Build A Gaming PC on a Console Budget 04/19/14
Intel / NVIDIA: How To Build A Gaming PC on a Console Budget 04/19/14
GS News Update: PS4 is top-selling console in US for March, but Titanfall is the best-selling game 04/17/14
GS News - The Console War is "unwinnable" according to Titanfall producer; Sony has sold more than 7 million PS4's 04/17/14
PC and Xbox One exclusive Titanfall is the top-selling US game for March 04/17/14
Battlefield 4 PC on sale for $25, Titanfall $48 on Origin 04/17/14
The Xbox One vs. PS4 1080p debate is an unwinnable war, says Titanfall developer 04/17/14
Xbox and PC game Titanfall was originally prototyped running on a Ratchet & Clank engine 04/16/14
Titanfall dev doesn't know--and doesn't care--if the game is making a profit 04/16/14
Ultra Street Fighter 4, Hearthstone and Titanfall - Demolish the Developers Highlights 04/15/14
Titanfall's non-map updates will be free 04/15/14
Titanfall myths put to the test in this new video 04/14/14
Titanfeet? Watch this modder play Titanfall with custom-made foot pedals 04/14/14
Demolish the Developers - Live from PAX East 2014 04/14/14
UK Titanfall sales spike 220 percent after Xbox 360 launch 04/14/14
If Titanfall had virtual reality support you might barf everywhere 04/12/14
Titanfall's first DLC is called Expedition, 2v2 Last Titan Standing mode on the way 04/12/14
Get an Xbox One, Titanfall, and Forza 5 for $460 at Frys 04/12/14
Titanfall on the Xbox 360 04/11/14
Titanfall: Xbox One vs. Xbox 360 - Graphics Comparison 04/11/14
Titanfall Xbox 360 won't be available via Games on Demand 04/11/14
GS News Update - Xbox One Titanfall bundle slashed to the same price as a PS4 in UK 04/11/14
Xbox One Titanfall bundle slashed to the same price as a PS4 by two UK retailers 04/11/14
GS News Update: Massive Titanfall patch arrives today, adds private matches and kills wall-hacks 04/10/14
Massive Titanfall patch arrives today, adds private matches and kills wall-hacks 04/10/14
Titanfall on Xbox 360 - Attrition match - Gameplay 04/09/14
Titanfall on Xbox 360 - Capture the Flag - Gameplay 04/09/14
Titanfall gameplay on the Xbox 360 - The Lobby 04/08/14
Titanfall x360, Dark Souls II PC - The Lobby 04/08/14
GS News Update: Xbox One DRM/online controversy "hurt me personally" says Phil Spencer 04/07/14
GS News Update: Now you can get an Xbox One, Titanfall, and 12 months of Xbox Live for $450 04/07/14
GS News - Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One; New Borderlands Game? 04/07/14
PAX East 2014: Demolish The Developers and The Lobby Trailer 04/07/14
Now you can get an Xbox One, Titanfall, and 12 months of Xbox Live for $450 [UPDATE] 04/07/14
Watch Titanfall running on an Xbox 360 04/06/14
Titanfall on X360, The Wolf Among Us Ep. 3, and Kinect Sports Rivals - New Releases 04/06/14
GS News Update: Titanfall on Xbox 360 runs above 30 fps 04/04/14
Titanfall Xbox 360 runs "above 30fps," but the "action is all there" dev says 04/04/14
Microsoft shows off how it believes the cloud will change gaming forever 04/04/14
Affected by recent Xbox Live outage? Microsoft giving you free week of Gold 04/04/14
Retailers selling Titanfall for Xbox 360 early, images show it requires 1GB install 04/04/14
Titanfall - The Power of the Cloud Trailer 04/03/14
Titanfall for Xbox 360 appears on eBay -- Buyer beware, servers won't be turned on until April 8 04/03/14
See our Game of the Month winner for March 2014 04/03/14
Don't be fooled! Video game April Fools' 2014 joke round-up 04/01/14
Xbox Live users spend 5 hours per day on Xbox One -- How much time do you spend? 04/01/14
Going to PAX East? Here's what Microsoft has in store for you 03/31/14
Microsoft boss Phil Spencer gets a promotion to "Head of Xbox," promises "incredible new chapter" for gaming 03/31/14
Loadouts and Best Routes - Titanfall 03/30/14
GameSpot at PAX East 2014 03/28/14
Console gaming not dead in Japan, Microsoft says 03/28/14
Titanfall matchmaking tweaks should ease the frustration of a losing streak 03/28/14
GS News - CliffyB Attacks Notch over Oculus, Last Of Us Coming To PS4? 03/27/14
Wal-Mart launches trade-in program [UPDATE] 03/27/14
Titanfall cheaters will be placed in a pool with other cheaters 03/27/14
Microsoft will soon penalize Xbox One players for bad behavior 03/26/14
New Titanfall modes won't be locked behind a paygate 03/26/14
Xbox One and 360 experiencing server issues, Titanfall and more currently affected [UPDATE] 03/25/14
GS News - Battlefield 4 had "Dirt All Over It" + Secret Xbox One GPU? 03/25/14
Nvidia reveals $3000 GTX Titan Z graphics card for "supercomputer-inspired performance" 03/25/14
GS News Update - EA won't be named "Worst Company in America" this year 03/25/14
No, the Xbox One does not have a secret second GPU 03/25/14
Now even Microsoft is offering the Titanfall Xbox One bundle for $450 03/25/14
EA won't be named "Worst Company in America" this year 03/24/14
"It's a great time" to own an Xbox One and it's only going to get better, says outgoing Microsoft executive 03/24/14
inFamous and MGS 5 knock Titanfall to third in UK chart 03/24/14
Titanfall update fixes bugs, adjusts balancing, makes the Smart Pistol less lethal 03/23/14
Former Xbox boss thinks all games will be connected like Titanfall in the future, but not at the expense of offline 03/22/14
Titanfall helped Xbox Live on Xbox One enjoy its biggest week ever 03/21/14
GS News Top 5 - EA and Titanfall Disappoint, All The PS4 VR Details! 03/21/14
GameSpot GamePlay Podcast Episode 66 - Devil Dance 03/21/14
GS News Update - Xbox One Titanfall bundle drops to $450 at Walmart and Best Buy 03/21/14
Think Titanfall lacks variety? It's getting new game modes 03/21/14
Microsoft talks Xbox One and PS4 sales marathon 03/21/14
GS News - MGS V: Ground Zeroes Censored, Titanfall 2 Coming To PS4? 03/20/14
Report: Titanfall 2 won't be exclusive to Microsoft platforms 03/20/14
Titanfall PC to get 4K, SLI, and TXAA support 03/20/14
GS News - PS4’s Virtual Reality Revealed, Titanfall 360 Delayed Again! 03/19/14
Report: EA secures rights to Titanfall 2 03/19/14
Titanfall on Xbox 360 gets another delay 03/19/14
GS News - EA in the running for "Worst Company in America" AGAIN! 03/18/14
GS News Update - Xbox One will reach Japan and the rest of Europe in September 2014 03/18/14
GS News - Xbox One Sales Double and PlayStation 4 Getting Price Hike? 03/17/14
Former Call of Duty, Tomb Raider devs jumping AAA ship to make their own next-gen title 03/17/14
Titanfall anti-cheat measures in the works 03/17/14
GS News Update - Titanfall launch sees Xbox One sales almost double in the UK 03/17/14
Now there are Titanfall 5-Hour Energy drinks 03/17/14
One Titanfall player has already hit the maximum level 03/17/14
Titanfall launch sees Xbox One sales almost double in the UK 03/17/14
GS News Top 5 - Titanfall "game changing"; What’s up with Watch Dogs? 03/14/14
GameSpot GamePlay Podcast Episode 65: Call of Broody 03/14/14
GS News Update - Titanfall not originally planned for Xbox One 03/14/14
Titanfall could come to Mac from BioShock Infinite studio Aspyr 03/14/14
Xbox One controllers will eventually work on PC, rumors to the contrary are "100% wrong" 03/14/14
Titanfall not originally planned for Xbox One 03/14/14
Titanfall - Three Towers Campaign 03/13/14
Titanfall - C4 Rodeo 03/13/14
GS News - Microsoft Calls Fanboyism "Unhealthy" & a 1,000,000 GamerScore Obtained! 03/13/14
Titanfall - 4 Tips To Make You Parkour Like a Pro 03/13/14
Titanfall cheaters being hunted down by Respawn 03/13/14
Microsoft's Phil Spencer discusses "unhealthy" Xbox One fanboyism--are you one of them? 03/13/14
This guy is about to pass one million Xbox achievement points 03/12/14
Titanfall Highlights - Multiple Players 03/12/14
GS News - Microsoft Talks Up Titanfall, Will Cyberpunk 2077 Be Delayed? 03/12/14
Xbox Live struggling and it's not Titanfall's fault [UPDATE] 03/12/14
The Point - Titanfall is just Call of Duty with Mechs 03/12/14
GameSpot & Giant Bomb Titanfall Review Analysis - The Lobby 03/12/14
Titanfall getting K'NEX playsets later this year - check out a video now 03/12/14
How many copies will Titanfall sell? Microsoft expects it to be a "blockbuster" 03/12/14
Here are Titanfall's Xbox One and PC issues -- And how to fix them 03/12/14
Titanfall experiencing "connection problems" on PC 03/12/14
Texas Government honoured for helping to grow local game industry 03/11/14
GS News - Witcher 3 + Driveclub Delays, Will Titanfall On 360 Be Good? 03/11/14
GS News Update - Xbox Live struggling with Titanfall matchmaking on Xbox One 03/11/14
Dark Souls II, Crawl, Titanfall - The Lobby 03/11/14
Titanfall - Multiple Players 03/11/14
Titanfall for Xbox 360 will be a "first-class experience," Microsoft says 03/11/14
48GB Titanfall PC install size is to make the game run better on low-spec machines 03/11/14
Titanfall: This guy shaved an Xbox logo into his hair...and other photos from the launch party 03/11/14
Xbox One cloud servers "absolutely essential" to Titanfall 03/10/14
GS News Update - Titanfall on Xbox One is 792p, same as beta 03/10/14
GS News - Why Titanfall Is Still 792p, Next-Gen Blu-Ray Disc Unveiled! 03/10/14
Titanfall Review Roundup 03/10/14
How to Level Up Quickly in Titanfall 03/10/14
Titanfall - Video Review 03/10/14
Titanfall - Ogre Outnumbered, Ogre Happy 03/10/14
Titanfall - Stryder with a Quad Rocket 03/10/14
Titanfall - Capture the Flag Triple Threat 03/10/14
Titanfall Review: 9 / 10 03/10/14
Titanfall on Xbox One is 792p -- Same as the beta 03/10/14
Titanfall: Here is exactly when you can start playing tonight 03/10/14
Microsoft execs "extremely committed" to Xbox amid spinoff rumors 03/10/14
Titanfall getting live-action content? 03/09/14
Dark Souls II and Titanfall - New Releases 03/09/14
Zampella clears up confusion about "the future of Titanfall" showcased at Austin launch event 03/08/14
Titanfall requires day one update for physical copies 03/08/14
Titanfall Launch - Now Playing 03/07/14
Titanfall: Your Titan Is Ready Live Stream Trailer 03/07/14
Titanfall preload now live on PC 03/07/14
Microsoft: Titanfall is a "game changer" that will help sell Xbox Ones 03/07/14
Titanfall not coming to South Africa due to poor network performance 03/07/14
Titanfall won't ban you for playing early on Xbox One or PC 03/07/14
You will never own this Titanfall Xbox One 03/07/14
Titanfall - Your Titan is Ready 03/06/14
Xbox One external storage aims to be "open" 03/06/14
EA says don't expect an Xbox 360 or PS3 price drop any time soon 03/05/14
Titanfall season pass is $25, contains 3 packs 03/05/14
GS News - Titanfall DLC Details + Is Metal Gear Solid: V Coming To PC? 03/05/14
Titanfall goes retro in these classic arcade games, play the first one now 03/05/14
Now Twitch is eyeing mobile game streaming 03/05/14
Microsoft rolls out huge Xbox One update, teases external storage support 03/05/14
Dark Souls II, South Park, Rambo - The Lobby 03/04/14
Vince Zampella Interview - The Lobby 03/04/14
Titanfall will have free/paid DLC and season pass 03/04/14
Rambo The Video Game - The Lobby 03/04/14
Titanfall - Launch Trailer 03/04/14
Titanfall achievements will reward you for snapping necks, wall-running 03/04/14
Xbox One Twitch app broadcasts at higher quality than PS4 03/04/14
Free South Park game giveaway, Dark Souls 2, and Vince Zampella on this week's The Lobby 03/03/14
Titanfall - Life is Better With a Titan Trailer 03/03/14
Xbox One could get photorealistic rendering system for "amazing visuals" 03/03/14
Leaked Titanfall screenshots show ziplines and heavy turrets in multiplayer - Report 03/02/14
Titanfall might get a DLC season pass, pilot-only mode could come after launch 03/02/14
Advantage PS4: Why Sony is winning the console war 03/02/14
Titanfall won't have a season pass, or split-screen, but it might include some dinosaurs [UPDATE] 02/28/14
Microsoft throwing huge Titanfall launch party in Texas 02/28/14
GS News - Titanfall Is Done + Wolfenstein is 1080p on PS4 & Xbox One! 02/27/14
Titanfall goes gold -- Are you taking a sick day March 11? 02/27/14
Titanfall for Xbox One actually requires 20GB of hard drive space 02/26/14
The Point - Is it time to buy an Xbox One? 02/26/14
GS News - Titanfall Install Is HUGE, Is Xbox One Product of the Year? 02/25/14
Next week's Titanfall Xbox One dashboard update in action 02/25/14
GameStop UK cuts price on Xbox One Titanfall bundle 02/25/14
Xbox One Titanfall bundle: GameStop launches special extra 50 percent trade-in offer 02/25/14
Xbox division's new boss is the guy who reportedly wanted to sell it off 02/25/14
The Xbox One UK price drop: What does it mean for the US? 02/24/14
Titanfall for Xbox One requires "up to" 40GB of space to install 02/24/14
The Gist - 5 Real World Uses For Titanfall's Titans! 02/24/14
Microsoft on Xbox One 1080p/60fps debate: "It's up to individual developers" 02/24/14
GS News - Xbox One Price Cut + Free Titanfall 02/24/14
Kinect-less Xbox One doesn't sound very likely 02/24/14
Xbox One owners: Expect more free-to-play games 02/24/14
Get Titanfall for free when you buy an Xbox One 02/24/14
Xbox One price cut to £399.99 in the UK from this Friday 02/24/14
Reality Check - Titans in Real Life? The Science of Titanfall 02/23/14
Titanfall beta had 2 million players 02/22/14
Titanfall on Xbox One does not support pre-loading [UPDATE] 02/21/14
The Zampella Formula 02/21/14
The Zampella Formula 02/21/14
Get ready for Titanfall with discounted Xbox Live 02/21/14
The Anatomy of a Titanfall Map 02/20/14
The Anatomy of a Titanfall Map 02/20/14
Titanfall: The Pros Weigh In Highlights 02/19/14
GS News - Titanfall’s HUGE Monsters Revealed + Cheap PlayStation Games! 02/19/14
Pilots vs. Titans 02/19/14
Pilots vs. Titans 02/19/14
Titanfall for Xbox 360 "coming along really well" 02/19/14
Titanfall has really big monsters 02/18/14
Titanfall: Beta Highlight Reel 02/18/14
Titanfall: The Pros Weigh in - Live 02/18/14
$149 Nvidia GTX 750 Ti unveiled; plays Titanfall better than Xbox One 02/18/14
Xbox One "black screen" issue pops up after latest update 02/18/14
Introducing the first Next Big Game: Titanfall 02/17/14
How to Build a Titan 02/17/14
How to Build a Titan - Feature 02/17/14
14 Titanfall maps found by data miners 02/17/14
Titanfall beta opens up to all on Xbox One tonight, PC maybe tomorrow 02/15/14
Titanfall beta codes sold on eBay for as much as $35 02/15/14
Titanfall: Pros Weigh In Live Stream Teaser Trailer 02/14/14
GS News Top 5 - Titanfall Won’t Run at 1080p + Flappy Bird Summarized! 02/14/14
GameSpot GamePlay Podcast Episode 62: Titans Everywhere 02/14/14
Everything we know about the Titanfall beta so far 02/13/14
Titanfall - Starter Guide 02/13/14
Xbox Live Gold free for all this weekend on Xbox 360 02/13/14
GS News - EA Defends Battlefield 4, Titanfall Beta Sign-Ups Open! 02/12/14
Titanfall on Xbox One does not run in 1080p 02/12/14
Titanfall Beta Livestream - Thursday, February 13 at 10 AM PT 02/12/14
Xbox One controller will be "fixed" in time for Titanfall launch 02/12/14
Titanfall Video Preview: More Than Just Call of Duty With Mechs 02/12/14
Titanfall - Killing a Rodeo Rider 02/12/14
Titanfall - Last Titan Standing Mode 02/12/14
Titanfall - Ground Game 02/12/14
Titanfall - Beta Trailer 02/12/14
Titanfall beta starts on February 14 02/12/14
Breaking News - Sign Up For the Titanfall Beta Now! 02/11/14
Titanfall Xbox One and PC beta sign-ups start now [UPDATE] 02/11/14
Titanfall is a franchise that will be around for a "long time" EA says 02/11/14
EA: Mobile won't kill consoles 02/11/14
Titanfall beta is definitely not "open" 02/11/14
You'll have to pay $24.99 to use your own chat headset on Xbox One 02/11/14
Titanfall: Dev explains why you can't shoot through walls 02/10/14
GS News Top 5 - Titanfall Delayed + Possible $399 Xbox One? 02/07/14
Titanfall dev signed deal with EA before it even had idea for the game 02/07/14
Titanfall for Xbox 360 delayed 02/06/14
GS News - MGS V Looks Better on PS4 + Titanfall WILL Require Origin 02/05/14
Titanfall beta: How can you get in? 02/05/14
Microsoft will fix Xbox One party chat before Titanfall launch 02/05/14
Breaking News - Titanfall Requires Origin on PC 02/04/14
Titanfall on PC will require Origin 02/04/14
Titanfall minimum PC specs revealed, beta announcement waiting on certification 02/04/14
Titanfall dev has a "bit of fear" over game's release 02/03/14
Titanfall Preorder Bonuses 01/31/14
[UPDATE] White Xbox One coming in 2014, Halo 2: Anniversary edition, and Titanfall console spotted - Report 01/30/14
Titanfall will only use Xbox 360 controllers on PC, not Xbox One controllers (yet) 01/29/14
Titanfall DLC in planning stages, could "evolve" with players 01/29/14
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