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The Stanley Parable


Console Commands

ent_create_portal_companion_cubeCreates a Weighted Companion Cube, from Portal, at the place you're looking at. Use at your own risk.
barkMakes you bark when the use key is pressed out of context.
bind 5 "ent_fire !picker unlock; ent_fire !picker open"Point at (almost) any door and press 5 and it'll open; even random environmental doors and doors closed by the narrator.
bind 4 "fire_rocket_projectile"Press 4 to fire a giant missile shaped like the word ERROR.
map map1Restarts the game.
map map_deathSends you to the death machine / museum.
map mapSends you to the fifth loop of the confusion ending.
map map_oneSends you to the first loop of the confusion ending.
map theonlymapSends you to the fourth loop of the confusion ending.
map freedomSends you to the intended ending.
map map2Sends you to the mind control facility.
map blockbaseSends you to the Minecraft map as if you were on the playtester ending.
map zendingSends you to the Narrator's Tears ending.
map testchmb_a_00Sends you to the Portal map as if you were on the playtester ending.
map map_twoSends you to the room below the maintenance lift, the start of the confusion ending.
map thefirstmapSends you to the second loop of the confusion ending.
map seriousroomSends you to the Serious Room and repeats the narration from the last time you went there. No narration if sv_cheats used.
sv_cheats 1Sends you to the Serious Room and triggers narration. Does not enable cheats.
hideousShows a picture from the TF2 Wiki.

Contributed By: MGreen.


Steam Achievements

Follow the narrators orders up to the bosses office. When at the number pad at the wall, press "8888" twice in a row.8888888888888888
This is an achievement.Achievement
Complete The Stanley Parable.Beat the game
Click on door 430 five times.Click on door 430 five times.
Play The Stanley Parable for the entire duration of a Tuesday.Commitment
Don't play The Stanley Parable for five years.Go outside
Complete The Stanley Parable in under 4 minutes 22 seconds (not including load times)Speed run
It is impossible to get this achievement.Unachievable
Quit the game and then start it again.Welcome back!
No seriously, we disabled it.You can't jump

Contributed By: Guard Master.