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Space Hulk: Deathwing


Steam Achievements

Finish a chapter without using a PsygateBravery!
Kill a BroodlordBroodlord killer
Make 1111 assistsBrother in arms
unlock all Tactical Terminator's capacities in multiplayerChapter pillar
Complete Commandement branchCommandant
Kill a Genestealer's assault strainCrusher of Genestealer's assault strain
Learn Vortex of DoomDestruction Psyker
Complete Devotion branchDevotee
unlock all Librarian's capacities in multiplayerEpistolary
Learn InfernoFlame Psyker
Kill 10,000 enemiesFor Honour!
Kill 666 enemiesFor the Chapter!
Complete Psy branchGreat psyker
Kill a Genestealer's stalker strainKiller of Genestealer's stalker strain
unlock all Heavy weapon support's capacities in multiplayerKilling machine
unlock all Assault Terminator's capacities in multiplayerLion's champion
Hack a doorMaster of Systems
Kill an hybrid psykerMutant sorcerer hunter
unlock all Apothecary's capacities in multiplayerPhoenix light
Use the PsygateSanctuary
Kill a Genestealer's warrior strainSlayer of Genestealer's warrior strain
Destroy a doorStrong Way
Find all the relicsTime lord

Contributed By: McMurphey.