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American McGee's Alice


Change gravity (Jump higher, float)

Press the ~ button after enabling console in settings and type in SV_gravity # (The number is for how much you want the gravity the higher the number the less gravity there is, Default is 800)

Contributed By: thesweetkissinb.

Cheat Codes

Enable Cheat Mode, then enter the following codes by pressing tilde(~):

WussAll Weapons
fpsChange frame rate
cg_cameradist-45First Person View
give allGet All Weapons
give_blunderbuss.tikGet the Spawn Blunderbuss
give_cards.tikGet the Spawn Card
give_demondice.tikGet the Spawn Demon Dice
give_eyestaff.tikGet the Spawn Eyestaff
give_icewand.tikGet the Spawn Icewand
give_jackbomb.tikGet the Spawn Jackbomb
give_jacks.tikGet the Spawn Jacks
give_knife.tikGet the Spawn Knife
give_mallet.tikGet the Spawn Mallet
give_ragebox.tikGet the Spawn Rage Box
give_watch.tikGet the Spawn Watch
godGod Mode
giveInfinite Weapons and Ammo
noclipNo Clipping
healthRefill Health

Contributed By: Mike Truitt and bman.

Spawning Creatures

Those cheats will spawn a creature of your choice, including bosses and regular enemies. Use "~" to open the console (if console will not open, just check the "console" option in game settings), then type...

Spawns Ant Lionspawn c_antlion.tik
Spawns weak Army Antspawn c_armyant.tik
Spawns strong Army Antspawn c_armyantcorp.tik
Spawns Centipede (2nd boss)spawn c_centipede.tik
Spawns Red Chess Bishopspawn c_chess_red_bishop.tik
Spawns Red Chess King (3rd boss)spawn c_chess_red_king.tik
Spawns Red Chess Knightspawn c_chess_red_knight.tik
Spawns Red Chess Pawnspawn c_chess_red_pawn.tik
Spawns Red Chess Rookspawn c_chess_red_rook.tik
Spawns Clockworkspawn c_clockwork.tik
Spawns the Duchess (1st boss)spawn c_duchess.tik
Spawns Jabberwock (6th boss) [BUGGY!]spawn c_jabberwock.tik
Spawns Mad Hatter (5th boss)spawn c_madhatter.tik
Spawns Queen of Hearts (7th boss) [BUGGY!]spawn c_queen1.tik
Spawns Tweedle Dee (4th boss)spawn c_tweedle_dee.tik
SpawnsTweedle Dum (4th boss)spawn c_tweedle_dum.tik
Spawns weak Card Guardspawn cardguard_club.tik
Spawns regular Card Guardspawn cardguard_diamond.tik
Spawns strongest Card Guardspawn cardguard_heart.tik
Spawns strong Card Guardspawn cardguard_spade.tik

Contributed By: v1ci0us.


Select Map

Use one of the items below with the ''map [map name]'' code:

map centipede1Warp to Centipede (1)
map centipede2Warp to Centipede (2)
map rchessWarp to Chess
map facadeWarp to Facade
map fortress1Warp to Fortress (1)
map fortress2Warp to Fortress (2)
map funhouseWarp to Funhouse
map garden1Warp to Garden (1)
map garden2Warp to Garden (2)
map garden3Warp to Garden (3)
map garden4Warp to Garden (4)
map grounds1Warp to Grounds (1)
map grounds2Warp to Grounds (2)
map hedge1Warp to Hedge (1)
map hedge2Warp to Hedge (2)
map hedge3Warp to Hedge (3)
map keepWarp to Keep
map jlair1Warp to Lair (1)
map jlair2Warp to Lair (2)
map pandemoniumWarp to Pandemonium
map potears1Warp to Potears (1)
map potears2Warp to Potears (2)
map potears3Warp to Potears (3)
map qlairWarp to Q Lair
map skool1Warp to Skool (1)
map skool2Warp to Skool (2)
map tower1Warp to Tower (1)
map tower2Warp to Tower (2)
map tower3Warp to Tower (3)
map utempleWarp to U Temple
map gvillageWarp to Village
map wchess1Warp to W Chess (1)
map wchess2Warp to W Chess (2)
map wforestWarp to W Forest

Contributed By: baconbits.