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The Operative: No One Lives Forever


Cheat Codes

During the game, press the talk button, then enter in one of the following codes for the desired effects.

mpbeenthereAll maps
mpmimimiAll Weapons
mpkingoftehmonstarsAll Weapons, Full Ammo
mpsantaAll Weapons, Full Armor and Health
mpracerboyCreate Motorcycle
mprosebudCreate Snowmobile
mpwegotdeathstarFull Ammo
mpwonderbraFull Armor
mpyoulooklikeyouneedamonkeyFull Armor Options
mpdrdentzFull Health
mpgoattechFull Weapon Upgrades
mpexorbitantamountsMore Blood Mode
mpflowerpowerPaintball Mode
mpmikedQuit Game
mpboyisuckRemoves all enemies
mpbuildShow Game Version
mpposShow Position
mpmapholeSkip Levels
mpcamTemporary Invisibility
mpasscamThird Person View
mptriggerTriggers all activate boxes
mpclipWalk through walls

Contributed By: fuzzy510, eli0918, and Jaksiel.