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Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Console commands

Edit the shortcut to the game by adding "set sv_cheats 1" to the end, then press ~ during gameplay to open the console window. Type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect.

/cg_FOV <number>Changes field of view
/quitExits game
/dir mapsLists maps
/reconnectReconnects to last server
/cmdlistShows all commands
/serverinfoShows current server settings
/toggle cg_drawtimerShows time left
/screenshotTakes a screenshot of the current screen
/gc_thirdperson 1Third-person view
/toggle r_fullscreenToggles between windowed and fullscreen modes
/toggle cg_drawcompassToggles compass display
/toggle cg_drawfpsToggles framerate display
/toggle cg_gibsToggles gibs
/toggle cg_draw2dToggles HUD display
/cg_useless nostalgia <0 or 1>Toggles old Wolfenstein HUD
/toggle cg_drawteamoverlayToggles team overlays

Contributed By: th3l3fty.


Freeze Enemys

while you are playing, hit esc and load a save file before it loads the enemys will freeze and you can run right past them. Just save before the file loads.

Contributed By: themage.

Easter Eggs

Talking Gibs!

At the beginning of village (/spdevmap village1) wait for Kessler to walk down the steps & throw a grenade down to him. This will kill and gib him. Quickly run down the steps to his remains and you will still hear him say ''I regret that i cannot acompany you in my condition''!!!

Contributed By: beanwad.


(almost) Complete Weapons &amp; Ammo cheats

Use the following codes for these items:

/give luger - Gives luger
/give colt - Gives Colt .45
/give dual colts - Gives you dual Colts. Must have 1 colt to be active. Otherwise just /give colt again.
/give mp40 - Gives MP40
/give thompson - Gives Thompson submachinegun
/give sten - Gives Sten
/give mauser rifle - Gives Mauser Rifle
/give sniper scope - Gives Sniper's Scope for Mauser
/give snooper rifle - Gives Snooper Rifle
/give fg42 paratroop rifle - Gives FG42 Paratroop Rifle
/give grenade - Gives 1 potato masher grenade
/give grenades - Gives 3 of above
/give pineapple - Gives 1 pineapple grenade
/give pineapples - Gives 3 of above
/give panzerfaust - Gives panzerfaust
/give venom - Gives Venom gun
/give flamethrower - Gives flamethrower
/give tesla gun - Gives Tesla Gun
/give 9mm - Gives you 32 9mm rounds (MP40, Sten)
/give 9mm rounds - Gives you 16 9mm rounds
/give 9mm box - Gives you (40?) 9mm rounds
/give 7.92mm - Gives you 16 7.92mm rounds (Mauser, FG42)
/give 7.92mm rounds - Gives you 8 7.92mm rounds
/give .45cal - Gives you (15?) .45 cal rounds (Thompson, Colt)
/give .45cal box - Gives you 30 .45 cal rounds
/give .30cal - Gives you 5 .30 cal rounds (Snooper)
/give .30cal box - Gives you 10 .30 cal rounds
/give 12.7mm - Gives you 50 12.7mm rounds (Venom)
/give fuel - Gives you 50 fuel
/give cell - Gives you 50 cells
/give armor X - X is the amount of armor you want. By default it gives you 100
/give health X - X is the amount of health you want. By default 100.
/give binoculars - Gives you binoculars.

Still trying to find codes for Silencer, panzerfaust rockets, and 2 .30 cal rounds.

Contributed By: ranmafan.


The following code works to fill ammunition up to the max (999) for ONLY the current weapons you possess. This cheat is useful for those who want full ammunition but not every single weapon (as you would get in the give all cheat)

Open the console and simply type (when cheats are enabled):

/give ammo

Contributed By: Dsardona.

Levels, and Level Cheat

Map Code: type /spdevmap ''map'' for the indicated map. The ''map is where you put in the code.

Map Code
Mission 1: Ominous Rumors
Escape! = escape1
Castle Keep = escape2
Tram Ride = tram

Mission 2: Dark Secrets
Village = village1
Catacombs = crypt1
Crypt= crypt2
The Defiled Church = church
The Defiled Church Boss = boss1

Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance
Forest Compound = forest
Rocket Base = rocket
Radar Installation = baseout
Air Base Assault = assault

Mission 4: Deadly Design
Kugelstadt = smf
The Bombed Factory = factory
The Trainyards = trainyards
Secret Weapons Facility = swf

Mission 5: Deathshead's Playground
Ice Station Norway = norway
X-Labs = x-labs
Super Soldier = boss2

Mission 6: Return Engagement
Bramburg Dam = dam
Paderborn Village = village2
Chateau Schuftaffel = chateau
Unhallowed Ground = dark

Mission 7: Operation Resurrection
The Dig = dig
Return to Castle Wolfenstein = castle
Heinrich = end

Contributed By: Ihatespatulas2.

More Cheats

Upon setting the command line shortcut as above, type the following cheats to access the following:

/mapname - Get the Current Map Name
/spdevmap mapname - Jump to mapname

/give armor - Get Armor
/give health - Get Health
/give stamina - Get Stamina

/kill - Commit suicide

Contributed By: NTsui.

More items cheats

...For these items...

/give venom tech manual
/give project book
/give dr. zemph's journal

...For Panzerfaust ammo...
/give panzerfaust rockets

Still looking for Silencer and 1938 latour codes...

Contributed By: ranmafan.

Unlimited Sprinting

Use the tip above to enable sv_cheats, then from the console, type /nofatigue, and your endurance bar will never fade.

Contributed By: DraX.