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Pirates of the Caribbean


Money back in hiring

This seems to work best with a high commerce rating.

Go into any tavern and talk to the officer that offers to join your crew (if available).
When he asks for payment , respond "Isn't that too much to ask?". He should lower his price. Continue to do this, until he goes into negative numbers. When you finally decide to hire him, a positive amount will ba added to you stash.

This was discovered by my 11 year-old son, Daniel, who quit at -200,800 dubloons.

Contributed By: blkbug.


Cheat: Get New Ships

Before editing a game file always make a backup copy of that file. Go to the directory of the following file: "character_init" (Mostly it is in the following path: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Pirates of the Caribbean\PROGRAM\Characters\English). It must be the one in "English" not in "Characters". Open the file, and go to the following line: "ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_LUGGER_ENGLAND;". Replace "LUGGER_ENGLAND"ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_LUGGER_ENGLAND with the following to get new ships.
ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_BLACK_PEARL (the hull cannot be damaged)
ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_FEARLESS
ch.Ship.Type = SHIP_FORT

Contributed By: champiain.

Escape Battles and Storms

While the loading screen is up get prepared to press F3 as soon as the battle or storm loads up, press F3 and you will return to the sea. If you are a second too late, it will not work.

Contributed By: Janus Saper.

Hyperspeed Sailing

I´ve found an easy way to speed up the boring sailing trips, especially between islands.

Using a text editor open ''Interface.c'' in the game folder ''Pirates of the Caribbean/PROGRAM/INTERFACE/''
Search for the word ''arcade'' and you will find the following line at the end of the file:

if(bArcadeMode) return 2.0;

Change the number to the desired speed factor, e.g. ''6.0'' and save the file.

In game press the time-scale key (''*'' on NumPad) and there you go, with 6 times the normal speed !

Have fun !

Contributed By: Chulo.