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Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds


Misc. Codes

At the character select screen press Comma + Period, Down, Up, X, M, Up, X, N, Up, X, Comma + PeriodAll Duelists Available
At the arena select screen press Comma + Period, Left, Up, X, Up, Right, Y, Comma + PeriodSecret Level
At the quest select screen press Comma + Period, Down, Up, C, M, Up, Right, Left, Down, Comma + PeriodUnlocks all chapters, spells, and Mishra

Contributed By: Ranilin.


Charactors And Levels

The follownig charactors and levels (levels are is Parentesis) can be unlocked by beating arcade mode with certain charactors.
*Note these charactors may be used for the avatar in your custom deck*
**Note Tsaboo Tavok and Mishra may only be used as avatars, you may not use thier pre-made decks**

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat arcade mode with EvalisaAkroma (Castle Lucatos)
Beat arcade mode with ZadelArcanis(Mestidin Collage)
Beat arcade mode with TaneraEntorin (Heart of the Forest)
Beat arcade mode with AlberonEvalisa (Enchanted Vales)
Beat arcade mode with MidiaIhsan's Shade (MoonDrift Hieghts)
Beat arcade mode with VolitaMaraxus (Volcanic Forge)
Beat arcade mode with KerocMidia (Lost Cavern)
Beat Quest mode Completely with a Custom DeckMishra (Mishra's Stronghold)
Beat arcade mode with EntorinMultani (Everfall)
Beat arcade mode with a Custom DeckTsabo Tavok
Beat arcade mode with KuldanVolita (Desolate Wasteland)
Beat arcade mode with IldaverZadel (Drake Rookerie)

Contributed By: Wee_Cricket_Lad.

Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish arcade mode as VolitaMaraxus
Finish Quest mode using a preset duelist and deckMishra
Finish Arcade Duel modeTsabo Tavoc
Finish arcade mode as KuldanVolita

Contributed By: Undergrads2003.