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Evil Genius


Console Cheats for Demo

While playing press 'Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D' then let go of those buttons then press ~ before entering the following:

helpDisplay help
money <number>get <number> amount of money
giveallGet everything
df_buildinstantobjectsInstant construction
fireinthediscoLights everyone on fire.
takeallRemove everything
setmaxpopulationset minion population
unlockglossaryUnlock glossary

Contributed By: Purple Wolf, gsgreg, and VSwordsman.

default.ksb - all things listed

these are common codes in default.ksb file.

WCreate Construction Worker
DeleteDelete Object
Ctrl+DeleteDelete Room
Shift+GGod Mode
MMove object
Ctrl+ESet off Explosion
#Slow Movement
Ctrl+ASummon agent

Contributed By: dancam097.

In-Game Cheats

First, type HUMANZEE in game; there is no box, just press the buttons (a task complete text item will appear to confirm), then press one of the following button combinations to activate the cheat.

Ctrl+OAccess to every Item
Ctrl+TAccess to every Trap
Ctrl+MActivates Global Chaos
Ctrl+NDe-Activates Global Chaos
Ctrl+CExtra Money
Ctrl+AGet one of every Minion and Henchman
Ctrl+SSet off Explosion

Contributed By: CloudStrife5671.

Unlocking Developer Mode in Retail Version

First, open up the Default.ksb file. It's located in Evil Genius\DynamicResources\Config. Add the line:

Next, open the autoexec.con file in the same directory and add the line:
DF_RedefineDebugShortcuts 1

Now load the game. Hit Ctrl+D to enable developer mode, and hit the Tilde (~)key to drop down the console. To look at the complete list of console commands, open the console and type "help"

The following codes will be the ones you likely will want to use, though many others exist. Read through the default.ksb file for a complete list. Note that your keyboard shortcuts may differ.

DF_AgentsGoHome true(in console) Makes all enemy agents go home soon after arriving on the island. CAUTION: Do not use this on missions that involve visitors.
DF_BuildInstantObjects true(in console) Makes objects build instantly.
DF_BuildInstant true(in console) Makes rooms build instantly.
CTRL+T (or CTRL+SHIFT+T)Completes minion's current training.
Money xGives you x dollars instantly.
DKills unit under mouse cursor.
CTRL+FSets unit on fire.

Contributed By: Squiffy.


Creating Minions (And Henchmen and a lot of other stuff) Through Developer Console

*NOTE: In order to use these codes you MUST enable the Developer Mode.

Open Evil Genius' developer console. Use the codes below in the 'add' syntax. It is done like this:

add [Number of entity] [Entity ID]

Example: If you wanted to make 1 valet you would type in 'add 1 102'

There are many more codes than what is here. They are stored in 'EntShortNames.txt'

add x 108Gat x Mercenaries
add x 105Get x Biochemists
add x 109Get x Diplomats
add x 104Get x Guards
add x 101Get x Marksmans
add x 111Get x Martial Artists
add x 110Get x Playboys
add x 112Get x Quantum Physicists
add x 106Get x Scientists
add x 107Get x Spindoctors
add x 103Get x Technicians
add x 102Get x Valets
add x 100Get x Workers

Contributed By: Deoxys121593.


Money and lots of it.

Near the beginning of the game there's a mission where you kidnap a maid. If you don't kidnap her you can place your minions all over the world and take money forever without people coming to attack you.

Contributed By: Vextala.

Stopping the Super Agents

There is a way to "freeze" those pesky super agents that are killing your minions. First you will need to have Lord Kane and The Matron as henchmen. Then you will need to have their special abilities Smooth Operator and Electro Shock Therapy available. Now, when a super agents walks around your island have Lord Kane use Smooth Operator on him/her, but before the animation is half done (you have to be fairly quick on the ball) have The Matron use Electro Shock Therapy on the agent. Now because of a glitch your super agent will be electrocuted forever :) a little present for the bugger that was killing all your precious henchmen.

Several notes however:
1. Do not do this with a lot of your minions are around. Do to path finding errors your henchmen may just stand like dolts instead of using their abilities.

2. Using Electro Shock Therapy (unknown if others special abilities will have the same affect) on the super agent or around the super agent that is "frozen" will unfreeze him/her -- and guess what, they are not in a very happy mood after words :p.

Lastly this should work with the patched verision, and you are able to have mutiply superagents stuck like this at one time -- all if your like me and get over zealous too early. Have fun taking over the world now.

Contributed By: Xeno_cws.