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Hitman: Blood Money


Codes in the code menu:

Show OSD1 to display HUD, 0 to hide it.
Invisible Mode1, or 0. You can't be seen by actors in the level.
God Mode1, or 0. You will take no damage.
Give SomeDoes nothing
InfAmmoOnce the value is set to one you have a infinite supply of ammo.
Show enemy visionSaddly this code also doesn't work.
GiveAllSaddly this code just crashes the game.
InfClipSame as InfAmmo, only this doesn't require you to reload.
Test ClothThis will change agent 47's clothing to one of the possible disguises in the level.
Complete levelThis will finish all objectives in the level for you, giving you a rating of Silent Assassin.
Time MultiplierThis will speed up the passage of time, the highest level is 10. 10 can cause some side effects.
TeleportThis will teleport agent 47 to certain points in the level.
Beam hereThis will teleport agent 47 to where ever the player crosshair is currently pointing, unless the point is blocked by terrain.

Contributed By: TheGreatNanners.

Ingame cheat menu (version 1.0 of the game only)

Edit hitmanbloodmoney.ini
add "EnableCheats" (without the quotes) at the end
Ingame press "C" to access the ingame cheat menu.

Contributed By: VurXWorX.

Instant Level Complete

After enabling the in-game cheat menu, press Shift-C at any time during the level to complete the mission with your current stats; using this code at the beginning of a level will net you a Silent Assassin rating.

Contributed By: Shinomori72.


Alternate main menu

To unlock an alternate main menu:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the gameAlternate Main Menu

Contributed By: Mike D.