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Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators


General cheat codes

All of these cheats are activated by holding down Shift+Ctrl, then typing the code. Some codes need to be entered in a specific area or part of the game.

NB. Each of these cheats has a cost in cheat points, which are replenished at the rate of 1/day. If you try to activate a cheat you do not have the points for, you will be informed of your current number of cheat points.

hugemoney[as above] 100,000 credits - 300 points
bigmoney[at any planet's equipment screen] 10,000 credits - ? points
boom[in hyperspace] destroys all enemies unless Keller is present - 30 points
nextrank[in military base] get next military rank - 90 points
rangerpoints[in ranger station] gain 1000 ranger points - 150 points
packing[in space] reduces weight/size of equipped standard items by half - 300 points
rndbase[on a plant] random base forms in the current system, max 3 - 30 points
repairfly into sun, full repair of items - 40 points
superhullincreases hull size
Dropnearest ship drops everything not needed for movement

Contributed By: MikoSquiz and majesty101ne.

Space Rangers 2 Shift+Control codes

These codes require both shift and the control buttons to be pushed. Most codes will take effect when activated in certain areas ie. (Stations, Hyperspace, Space travel). All codes also costs cheatpoints the player accumulates throughout the game through 1 point/Day. Note: Codes are not CaSe SeNsiTivE

[Shift]+[Ctrl]+HateRangers[10]All non-ranger ships will turn hostile. Planets and rangers remain the same
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+CoolWeapon[100] In the planet screen, typing the code will add one high level weapon in the equipment store
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Pirates[100]In a pirate station, the code will produce one pirate in each controlled sectors.
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+PelengSurprise[100]Peleng weapons will have double range and every non-peleng planet and civilians will hate you
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanItem[160] In a Science station, typing this code will give you one piece of Klissan equipment
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanCall[20] Calls one fleet of Dominators to your location
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanMax[20] Gives the Dominators a fleet per planet they own
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+OpenMapSector[20] In a pirate station, Reveals an unrevealed map sector
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+LowCostWeapon[20] In the planet screen, typing this code will set one random weapon cost to 1 credit
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+WeaponStrength[200] In the pirates base, typing the code will increase yours and pirates' damage by 10-20. You will turn to a pirate with planets hating you.
Shift+Ctrl+RndBase[30]Creates a random base (science, Business, Ranger, Military, Medical) in your sector
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Repair[40] Fly into the sun and you will recieve a full repair
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Drop[60] Nearest ship will drop all items not related to space travel ie. Engine and Fuel
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Bomb[60]In space, typing this code will put 2 Quark Bombs in your inventory
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+ Artefact[Use in hyperspace] Get a random artefact in your inventory
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+ 10Bomb[use in space] It spawns Quark Bombs around you, and blows up at next day. HINT: don't move or it'll kill you
[Shift]+[Ctrl]+ illness[use in space] You get sick with all illnesses
Shift+Ctrl + [money]10,000cr - 60 points [Can be entered at planet screen, equipment store screen, or space screen]
Shift-Ctrl DeviceComplete set of top-tier equipment
Shiftmaximize all skills
Shift-Ctrl ArtsOne of each artifact
Shift-Ctrl ModuleOne of each Micromodule

Contributed By: Zhang_Ren, soullthief, theangryyam, and roguex2.