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Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend


Apocalypse Weekend Cheats

Enter Console in game (Shift ~) then "sissy" to enable cheats
Next type desired code for desired effect

swimwiththefishes'piranha' plug-in
behindview 01st person view
behindview 13rd person view
gunrackAll Weapons
blockmyassbody armor
splodincatscats bounce off walls - OFF
boppincatscats bounce off walls - ON
iamthelawCop Uniform
headshotsenables 1 shot kills when shot in head
FlyFly mode
likeabirdyflying modes
blastacapFull Ammo
WhyDoIPlayfull ammo and full life
IfeelfreeGhost mode
smackdatassGimp Suit
InjectLifegives you 100% health
limbsnapperHit Enemy in head with hammer for silly slo-mo
alamodeleave you with 1 health
iamsolameLeaves you with 1 Health
jewsforjesuslots of cash
iamtheonelots of catnip
boyandhisdoglots of dog treats
piggytreatslots of doughnuts
headshoplots of health pipes
catfancylots of spinning cats
walkretuen to regular walking mode
fireinyourholerocket cam
rockincatsshoot cats from guns - ON
dockincatsshoot cats from guns - OFF
hulksmashThrow Lots of Hammers
bladeyThrow Lots of Machettes
reaperofloveThrow Lots of Scythes

Contributed By: darthdoughnut, Undergrads2003, Tehskynetvirus, and Guyst.


Type "Sissy" in the console window while in-game then:
enter "set P2Player bGodMode True" to make you invincible or "set P2Player bGodMode True" to make you mortal.

These codes must be entered while you are playing in maps.

set P2Player bGodMode FalseGod Mode Off
set P2Player bGodMode TrueGod Mode on

Contributed By: Claptrap.


Enhanced Mode

Finish the game once.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Game OnceEnhanced Mode

Contributed By: Nixedantur.