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During the game, hold down "Left Shift" and press "Right Click" (mouse) to activate cheat mode, then input the following codes to enable the cheats function. (must input the codes as soon as possible when cheat mode is activated). These cheats will only work on the retail game; not the Steam or GameTap versions.

X, X, F, E, [Tab], FAll Psi powers
[Tab], click Mouse Wheel, [Tab], E, X, EAll Psi powers upgraded
Click Mouse Wheel, [Space], [Tab], [Tab], F, XFull ammunition.
[Space], click Mouse Wheel twice, E, F, Left Mouse ButtonFull arrowheads.
[Tab], E, E, X, [Space], click Mouse WheelFull lives.
Click Mouse Wheel, X, E, E, [Tab], FGlobal items except for Psi Colorizer and Dream Fluffs.
X, E, X, X, F, QInvincibility

Contributed By: sephirosuy and fadingraine.


Steam Achievements - General

Your achievements and stats can be viewed in Steam under: "Community -> My profile -> View all my games -> Psychonauts (view stats)

Discover the secret history of Whispering RockA Slice of History
Complete Sasha’s Shooting GalleryA Victory for Good Taste
Achieve Rank 60Advanced PSI Cadet
Read many bulletin board messagesCamp Gossip
Buy an item from the Camp Store on Christmas.Christmas Shopping
Gather all FigmentsFiggy Piggy
Complete LungfishopolisFor Insurance Reasons
Sort all Emotional BaggageHappy Bags
Complete The AsylumHeight of Insanity
Cook and consume two different kinds of roast in one sitting.Holiday Dinner
Complete Black VelvetopiaI Always Loved You More
Complete the Punchy Target mini-gameI LOVE PUNCHING!
Introduce all Camp Kids to Mr. PokeylopeI Think They Were Impressed
Complete Meat CircusI Thought That Was Unbeatable!
Find all Golden HelmetsI'm Gonna Live Forever
Uncover Milla's SecretI'm Sure She's Over It
Achieve Rank 20Junior PSI Cadet
Find Edgar's Secret GardenLook at those Pansies!
Witness Maloof's transformationMade Man
Achieve Rank 101Math is Hard
Spy on Bobby's love lifeMaybe It's the Hair
Use the bacon. A lot.Mmm… Bacon!
Crack all VaultsNo More Secrets
Re-brain the ChildrenNo Solid Food for Six Hours
Achieve Rank 40Regular PSI Cadet
Complete Milla’s Dance PartyRolling Rock Star
See yourself through the eyes of many othersSelf Aware
Give the Coach's speech on the stumpStump Speech
Achieve Rank 80Super PSI Cadet
Complete Waterloo WorldThanks for All the Snails
Redeem all 16 Scavenger Hunt ItemsThey Call Me the Hunter
Earn all Merit BadgesThey Should Totally Sell Those
Complete The Milkman ConspiracyTime to Deliver the Milk
Revisit all brains after completionVictory Tour
Hear Vernon's Ghost StoryWolpaw Says Thanks
Complete Gloria’s TheaterYou're All So Kind
Complete Basic BrainingYour Last Chance to Chicken Out

Contributed By: llChimpyll and th3l3fty.