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LEGO Star Wars



At the diner counter, choose to enter a code. Note: For the characters, these only unlock them on the purchase menu, you must still pay to use them.

987UYRBattle Droid
EN11K5Battle Droid (Commander)
LK42U6Battle Droid (Geonosis)
KF999ABattle Droid (Security)
IG72X4Big Blasters
LA811YBoba Fett
L449HDClassic Blasters
ER33JNClone Ep III
BHU72TClone Ep III, Pilot
N3T6P8Clone Ep III, Swamp
RS6E25Clone Ep III, Walker
14PGMNCount Dooku
H35TUXDarth Maul
A32CAMDarth Sidious
VR832UDisguised Clone
SF321YGeneral Grievous
U63B2AGonk Droid
ZTY392Grievous' Bodyguard
PL47NHJango Fett
DP55MVKi-Adi Mundi
CBR954Kit Fisto
MS952LMace Windu - Ep III
LD116BMinikit detector
R840JUPK Droid
BEQ82HPrincess Leia
L54YUKRebel Trooper
PP43JXRoyal Guard
EUW862Shaak Ti
NR37W1Silly Blasters
XZNR21Super Battle Droid
PUCEATTea cups

Contributed By: sysinfo42 and Revan654.


Secret Level

The secret level is the only one that is not unlocked straight away. It's the Tantive IV and heres how to unlock it and two other familiar characters.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Comes along with Tantive IVDarth Vader
Comes along with Tantive IVStormtrooper
All studs on every single level [true jedi status]Tantive IV

Contributed By: attacker99.

The four secret charters and The secret level

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Just beat the secret levelDarth Vader
Beat the secret level and then buy her from dex or use the code and then buy herPrincess Leia
Beat the secret level and then buy him from dex or use the code and then buy himRebel Soldier
To unlock this secret level you must get true jedi status in every single levelSecret Level
Just beat the secret levelStorm Trouper

Contributed By: blaze of merc.


Edit Charecter Atributes.

Go to where you installed Lego Star Wars.(Default is C:/program files/giant)And go to lego_data. Then go to Chars.Then go to the folder of the charector you want to edit.Then look for the text file.In the text file are all the attribute of the charector.(speed,special,gravity,etc.)

Contributed By: dude5123.

Massive amount of blue studs and hearts

In the secret level there is a room with a ton bricks you may think to your self "so this is were the put to bricks they did not use" but a closer look show they can be moved by the force to spell lego but it is not as simple as it sounds.

First you start with the yellow bricks.
To start of the "L" force move the long peice then puting the short peices on top of it.

Next is the "E" it is made of blue bricks
first you move on of the blue long peice, then you put a short peice on top of it, now for the two peice mediem, after that put the last short peice, and after that the last blue long peice.

Next is the hard green "G"
First put the green long peice,then comes the briged peice (two peices conected by a gray peice), then two short peices, and tehn a long peice. I know this hardly looks like a a "G".

Last is the simple red "O"
First is a long peice, then all of the briged peices, then the last long peice.

After a moment you will hear a boom and then hearts and blue studs will fall.
You might need a friend to help you collect them all.

Contributed By: blaze of merc.