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Zuma Deluxe

Easter Eggs

Following Frog Eyes

In the menu screen, click on the frog in the lower left hand corner. His eyes will follow the cursor until you click him again.

Contributed By: Evil-Iggy.

Stop The Stars

While on the space level which is the last level stage 13-1 you can hit "s" to make the stars stop moving which might help your eyes to focus on the screen better.

Contributed By: KMSSD.

UFO appearance

To make the UFO appear on the menu screen, move your cursor over the menu buttons 3 times in this order:

Adventure, Gauntlet, Options, More Games, Quit

Contributed By: TStodden.


Slow balls

Open the file "levels.xml" in the "/levels/ folder" dir, then search for a line like this:

Settings id="lvl11" speed="0.5" start="35" score="1000"

Lvl11 stands for level 1-1. So search any level you want, and change the speed to 0.2.

Contributed By: Grawl.