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Portal Cheats

Enter these codes in your console (~ button)<br />Some of them may require sv_cheats set to 1

npc_create npc_citizenA citizen
ent_create_portal_metal_sphereBouncy metal ball
host_timescale # (default=1)Changes speed of game, 0.1 = 10% of original game speed, 2 = twice the original game speed
change_portalgun_linkage_id # (0, 1, 2, 3)Changes the portal linkage ID for the portal gun held by the commanding player.
firstpersonChanges view to first person
thirdpersonChanges view to third person
ent_create_portal_weight_boxCreate a Weighted Storage Cube
ch_createjeepCreates a dunebuggy
npc_create npc_headcrab_fastCreates a fast headcrab
npc_create npc_turret_floorCreates a half life 2 turret
npc_create npc_poisonheadcrabCreates a poisonheadcrab
npc_create npc_zombineCreates an "ERROR" character
violence_hblood 0Disable blood
fire_rocket_projectileFires a rocket out of your face. (Bugged)
fire_energy_ballFires an energy ball out of your face.
impulse 101get all weapons (Half Life 2 weapons also)
give weapon_portalgungives you the basic portal gun. Upgrade with upgrade_portalgun
sv_gravity # (600=normal)Lets you change the gravity in the game
noclipLets you go through walls and fly around
sv_portal_placement_never_fail # (1 or 0)Place portals anywhere
buddhaPlayer can take damage but won't die.
impulse 200Puts gun away but stil able to shoot
cl_showfps 1Shows FPS Rate
npc_create npc_headcrabSpawn (live) Headcrab
npc_create_aimed npc_rocket_turretSpawn a rocket turret
npc_create npc_alyxspawn alyx
ch_createairboatSpawn an airboat
npc_create npc_barnacleSpawn Barnacle
npc_create npc_combine_sSpawn Combine Soldier
npc_create npc_gmanSpawn Gman with suitcase and never dies
npc_create npc_metropoliceSpawn Metropoliceman
npc_create npc_fastzombieSpawns a "Fastzombie" from Half-Life 2.
npc_create npc_portal_turret_floorSpawns a standing turret
npc_create npc_poisonzombieSpawns a zombie that tosses Poison Headcrabs from it's back.
npc_create npc_breenThe man breen
ent_fire npc_rocket_turret toggleToggle rocket turrets
ent_fire !picker skin 1Turns a targeted storage cube into a companion cube
sv_cheats 1 (0=off/1=on)Turns cheats on or off
notargetturrets won't shoot at you
upgrade_portalgunUsed without portal gun: Gives a portal gun. Used with a basic portal gun: Gives full portal gun.
npc_create npc_zombieZombie OMG (They attack citizens,turrets,and you)

Contributed By: Stardenn, heavythehobbit, oblivion from aoc, LAPD 85, midnight_raven7, Gb-rocks, supernintendo28, Zeliot, paulcd2000, goombakilla334, matureman14, Stevewins123, swimmering, Chev427BB, demonkiller111, Scipio_XII, and Darkpyro217.


New Intro Screen

Beat the game

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Portal once.Cake Intro Screen

Contributed By: Jankers.



Complete each condition to get the allotted Achievement.

Earn gold medals on all Portal challenges.Aperture Science
Earn bronze medals on all Portal challenges.Basic Science
Detach security cameras from the walls.Camera Shy
Beat two Portal advanced maps.Cupcake
Do whatever it takes to survive.Fratricide
Knock down a turret with another turret.Friendly Fire
Beat four Portal advanced maps.Fruitcake
Complete Portal.Heartbreaker
Acquire the fully powered Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.Lab Rat
Jump 300 feet.Long Jump
Make the correct party escort submission position decision.Partygoer
Earn silver medals on all Portal challenges.Rocket Science
Fall 30,000 feet.Terminal Velocity
Find and recieve all 26 radio transmissionsTransmission Received
Beat all six Portal advanced maps.Vanilla Crazy Cake

Contributed By: Daz_man123 and oblivion from aoc.