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DEFCON: Everybody Dies


Steam Achievements

Call a vote and convince your allies to kick a team member, a total of 10 timesBackstabber
Lose 500 pilots due to running out of fuelBrave sacrifice
Win an online game of DiplomacyDiplomat
Nuke Cairo and Kinchasa in a single matchExplore Africa
Nuke Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong in a single matchExplore Asia
Nuke London, Rome and Berlin in a single matchExplore Europe
Nuke Washington DC, New York and San Francisco in a single matchExplore North America
Nuke Moscow and Leningrad in a single matchExplore Russia
Nuke Mexico, Sao Paolo and Lima in a single matchExplore South America
Nuke a city with a population already reduced to 0.0MHad enough yet?
Launch all nukes from a fleet of six subs and escape without losing a single sub in the processHit and run
Nuke 7 billion civiliansKill The World
Win a 6 player game online without ever being in an allianceLone warrior
Nuke Santa and thereby end Christmas for everyone, for ever moreMerry Christmas
Sink an entire enemy fleet of six subs, before they can launch a single nukeNice try
Defect from an ally, then land a nuke on one of their cities within 10 secondsPerfectly timed betrayal
Destroy a total of 50 enemy silos before they can launch any NukesPre-emptive striker
Uncover all ground bases belonging to a single enemy team before Defcon 1Recon expert
Win an online game with at least half your nukes still remainingReserves
Win an online game of Survivor with at least 90% of your population still aliveSurvivor
Win a game onlineVictory
Destroy a total of 50 enemy ships with NukesWasteful

Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty.