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Sonic Riders



To unlock these characters/ "goodies" simply....

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock Eggman"Bike" type Gear (Power)
Unlock Shadow"Skate" Type Gear (Speed)
Finish All MissionsAiai
Complete Hero StoryBabylon Story
Complete Every Mission With A Gold RankingChaos Emerald Gear
Play the game for 20 hoursE-10000G (Red Robot)
Play the game for 50 hoursE-10000R (Green Robot)
Complete Babylon storyEggman
Simply Complete Storm And Wave's Missions (No specific rank)Jet Missions
Complete Babylon StoryMagic Carpet Gear
Finish All MissionsNights
Complete Hero's StoryRouge The Bat
Complete Hero Grand PrixSega Carnival
Complete Babylon Grand PrixSega Illusion
Complete Hero's StoryShadow The Hedgehog
Complete Jet's,Storm's, and Wave's Missions with "Gold" RankingSuper Sonic
Finish All MissionsUlala

Contributed By: Supersonichalo7 and lukeover9000.