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Hard Evidence: The Marilyn Monroe Files


You've heard all the rumors, now you want the facts! To ferret out the truth, you'll need Hard Evidence and the cover of four unstoppable identities. As an investigative Reporter, you'll extend your beat to the grime and grit of Vegas, LA and the Big Apple - where Marilyn Monroe left a trail of nameless faces who are now willing to talk. As a District Attorney, you'll challenge the sometimes inflammatory, often dodgy testimony of key witnesses. And as the County Coroner and Police Chief, you'll pick over the mounds of classified documents that incriminate the rich and the unscrupulous - like the Kennedys and members of the mob. The challenge: piece together the evidence and determine, once and for all, what really happened the night Hollywood's brightest star was prematurely snuffed out.
Release Date: June 27, 1995