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Need for Speed: ProStreet


Cheat Codes

Start or resume a career. From the career menu, select CODE ENTRY. Then select SECRET CODE and type any of the following cheat codes and press [ENTER]. Some codes may only be used once per career.

SAFETYNET5 Free Repair Markers
CASHMONEYAdd $10,000
REGGAMEAdd $10,000 plus Bonus Cars
COLLECTORSED&Free Collector's Edition Upgrade
ITSABOUTYOUUnlock Audi TT3.8 Quattro
CASTROLSYNTECUnlock Castrol Syntec Decal
HORSEPOWERUnlock Chevrolet Chevelle SS
ZEROZEROZEROUnlock Coke Zero Volkswagen Golf GTI
ENERGIZERLITHIUMUnlock Energizer Lithium Decal
WORLDSLONGESTLASTINGUnlock Energizer Lithium Dodge Viper
MITSUBISHIGOFARUnlock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Contributed By: danj1977.


5 Elite Kings Cars

As you progress through the game, you challenge the 5 Kings. (Showdown, Drag, Drift, Grip & Speed). Once you beat them, you will get their car as a reward.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Drag King in Career Mode.06 Mustang GT (Karol Monroe)
Beat Showdown King in Career Mode.08 Evo X (Ryo Watanabe)
Beat Grip King in Career Mode.08 M3 E92 (Ray Krieger)
Beat Speed King in Career Mode.65 GTO (Nate Denver)
Beat Drift King in Career Mode.95 RX-7 (Aki Kimura)

Contributed By: Slay3rH3ll.