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UFO: Trilogy

UFO: Afterlight Cheats


Cheat Codes

To enable the game console, add the following line to the game's shortcut: enable_system_console=true
For Example:
"C:\Program Files\CENEGA\UFO Afterlight\UFO.exe" --options scale_texs=1 video_caption=TRUE enable_system_console=true

While playing, press [`] to bring up the console, then type any of the following cheat codes

full_store25+ of Each Type of Equipment (enter at global screen)
add_experience #Adds Experience (enter at people screen)
resource_allGives Resources (enter at global screen)
kill_enemiesKill Everyone on Map (enter in mission)
?List All Commands (Different Codes at Different Screens)

Contributed By: Nelo_Portgas.

UFO: Aftermath Cheats

Cheats in console

To enable UFO: Aftermath cheats find ''config.cfg'' file in the game install directory, open it with notepad and add the following line:

KEY ''cheats'' BOOL TRUE

In order to generate the config.cfg file, you must run the setup and the press OK to close it. If not, this file won't exist.

Start the game and enter the following UFO: Aftermath cheats in the console window (press [Shift]+[~] to bring it up):

hireunit(On global strategic view) adds a new member to your squad
finishrd(On global strategic view) complete current research
allitems(On global strategic view) now have all weapons
destroyobjDestroys objects under the cursor, like cars and other objects with red center circle
quickvictoryInstant win but don't take the items (don't do it on important missions as Area 51)
cancontrolremoves all mind control effects on squad
canparalyseremoves all paralysing effects on squad
quickloseSame as quickvictory but you lose the mission
enemiesshows all enemies in area
idsshows squad position number 1-7 (ids 0-6 )
heightsshows terrain level/height flat or sloping
visibilityshows the current visible area by your squad LOS
allplansshows the path on enemies like your squat paths , enemies are grey
godmodeThe soldiers will not die but still need sickbay to heal before missions
unitsashiddenunits become see through like ghosts
quickabsolutevictorywin mission with items recovered
hitpointsYou can see yours and enemy health in %

Contributed By: SanPedro.

UFO: Aftershock Cheats

Activate Cheat Menu

Rightclick the Desktop Icon of the Game and add: enable_system_console=true
to the target path.
e.g.: C:\ProgramFiles\UfoAftershock\UAS.exe enable_system_console=true
There must be a "blank" between the added words and the target destination path
Then you save the settings and normally start the game.
Ingame you can now open the System Console by pressing the ":" button on keyboard (german it is the "ö" button on keyboard)
Now you can enter codes in the commandline and edit nearly all settings by only opening the System Console.
You don´t need to edit savegames or something else complicated.
The Console works in Strategical and Tactical game, with different Codes possible.
CAREFUL! Game doesn´t stop while you have opened console, so be aware to have the game paused.

research_allAll research completed
full_healAll units healed
full_storeAll weapons and full equipment in tactical part
?Gives you an oversight of all possible codes
add_resources XX, YY, ZZGives you XX, YY, ZZ resources (Letters stand for Numbers)
build_allInstantly finishes all projects in Bases
win_missionMission you started is instantly won
untouchSoldiers are immortal
full_storesYou get all Items in your base storage

Contributed By: Ubik28 and th3l3fty.