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Open TurokInput.ini in game/config and press Crtl+F and find "ConsoleKey=None" Now, change none to a key. Eg. change it to ConsoleKey=tilde and then in game press the selected key. For me, its ` key. Then type in these codes to enable it

Behindview 01st person camera
Behindview 13rd person camera
Allammo999 ammo
loadedAll Weapons
WalkCome back to the ground
TurokDebugCamenables Debug cam. re-enter for different options.
Camera FirstpersonFirst Person View
playersonlyFreeze Enemies
AllweaponsGet every weapon
God 0Invincible off
ghostNo Clipping Mode
oneshotkillOne Hit Kills
FlyPress jump and you can stay in the air
teleportTeleport to Crosshair
Camera ThirdpersonThird Person View
alwaysammoUnlimited Ammo

Contributed By: Flyfast, Mr_Lookalike, and matrix8967.