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Two Worlds II


Console codes

To pull up the console hit the [enter] key during game play.

addexperiencepoints [number]Add experience points
AddExperiencePoints #Adds experience points
Addgold #Adds gold
AddParamPoints #Adds parameter points, (Endurance, Strength, etc.)
AddSkillPoints #Adds skill points
cam.mount.xoff 0Centers the camera when riding a horse (no more over-the-shoulder view)
graph.setfastrunspecialefx 0Disables motion blur when running and riding a horse
Player.InvisibleForEnemies #Enemies Won't Attack(0 = Off, 1 = On)
healthfull health
Immortal #Imortality(0 = Off, 1 = On)
KillKills targetted enemy/NPC instantly
killhorseKills your horse (must mount it first)
ec.dbg levelupLevel Up
hero.move.fastrunspeed 1Modifies the hero's sprinting speed (higher = faster)
cs.horse.stamina.speed.max 10Modifies the number of clicks made to get the maximum speed of your horse (lower = fewer clicks)
ec.dbg iamcheaterSet all attributes to 1000
Time # (between 0 and 255)Sets time of day
Time #Sets time of day. (0 = Night, 40 = Dawn, 127 = Noon, 200 = Sunset, 254 = Midnight)
eq_boat_01Spawns a boat
horse_01 (01-04 for different color)Spawns a horse
jump2Teleports you to where your cursor is pointing
GOD 0 or GOD 1Turns God mode on and off
ec.dbg skillsUnlock All Skills

Contributed By: iIIuminati, takingmilad, Tech_K0, BraindeadRacr, and steve22_3.

Crafting Materials

Adds the desired amount of crafting materials to your inventory. Note: Enter 'twoworldscheats' first.

ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_chainmail #Adds chainmail to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_fabric #Adds fabric to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_gold #Adds gold to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_metal #Adds iron to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_leather #Adds leather to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_steel #Adds steel to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_wind #Adds the essence of air to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_necro #Adds the essence of death to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_earth #Adds the essence of earth to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_fire #Adds the essence of fire to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_water #Adds the essence of water to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_wood #Adds wood to your inventory

Contributed By: Tech_K0.


After ec.addobjecttoinventory type one of the following: art_add_damage_#x <- for damage art_add_protect_#x <- for resistance art_add_points_#y <- for adding points to your status art_add_maxinventoryweight_# <- for increasing the inventory's weight capacity art_close_# <- for the sealing crystals Note: y = #ePoints x = #eDamage # = Crystal's level (01 - 07)

#ePointsDexterityAccuracy points
#ePointsVitalityEndurance points
#eDamageFireFire damage
#eDamageColdIce damage
#eDamageElectricLightning damage
#eDamagePoisonPoison damage
#eDamageSpiritSpectral damage
#ePointsStrengthStrength points
#ePointsMagicWillpower points

Contributed By: Tech_K0.


Enter an item code after 'ec.addobjecttoinventory'

lockpickAdds a Lockpick
personal_teleport_platformAdds a Personal Teleport Platform
personal_teleportAdds a Teleport Stone
potion_waterwalk_01Adds a Waterwalking Potion
potion_invisible_01Adds an Invisiblity Potion
flyingeye1Adds an Oculus
flyingeye2Adds an Oculus Draconis
flyingeye3Adds an Oculus Infernus
flyingeye4Adds an Oculus Infernus (Different Range/Speed/Damage)

Contributed By: Tech_K0.

Useful Ingredients

Ingredients required to make the Potion of Seven Jumps, Waterwalking Potion, and Invisibility Potion. Note: Enter 'twoworldscheats' first.

ec.addobjecttoinventory ing_57 #Adds Golem's Lifeforce Crystal (Increases duration of effects by 2 minutes)
ec.addobjecttoinventory ing_106 #Adds Master's Finger (makes you invisible)
ec.addobjecttoinventory ing_192 #Adds Scapulari Brain (allows you to walk on water)
ec.addobjecttoinventory ing_155 #Adds Werebeast's Spinal Cord (increases jump ability by 400%)

Contributed By: Tech_K0.


Bonus Item Codes

To enter these codes, go to the pause menu(Esc) and enter them at the "Enter Bonus Code". NOTE: The dashes are necessary.

6770-8976-1634-9490Anathros' Sword (2H Sword)
4149-3083-9823-6545Dragon Armor (Platemail Chest)
3542-3274-8350-6064Elexorie's Sword (2H Sword)
4767-0103-8383-8149Hammer of Krol (2H Mace)
9122-5287-3591-0927Lucienda's Sword (2H Sword)

Contributed By: BraindeadRacr.