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Two Worlds II


Console codes

To pull up the console hit the [enter] key during game play.

addexperiencepoints [number]Add experience points
AddExperiencePoints #Adds experience points
Addgold #Adds gold
AddParamPoints #Adds parameter points, (Endurance, Strength, etc.)
AddSkillPoints #Adds skill points
cam.mount.xoff 0Centers the camera when riding a horse (no more over-the-shoulder view)
graph.setfastrunspecialefx 0Disables motion blur when running and riding a horse
Player.InvisibleForEnemies #Enemies Won't Attack(0 = Off, 1 = On)
healthfull health
Immortal #Imortality(0 = Off, 1 = On)
KillKills targetted enemy/NPC instantly
killhorseKills your horse (must mount it first)
ec.dbg levelupLevel Up
hero.move.fastrunspeed 1Modifies the hero's sprinting speed (higher = faster)
cs.horse.stamina.speed.max 10Modifies the number of clicks made to get the maximum speed of your horse (lower = fewer clicks)
ec.dbg iamcheaterSet all attributes to 1000
Time # (between 0 and 255)Sets time of day
Time #Sets time of day. (0 = Night, 40 = Dawn, 127 = Noon, 200 = Sunset, 254 = Midnight)
eq_boat_01Spawns a boat
horse_01 (01-04 for different color)Spawns a horse
jump2Teleports you to where your cursor is pointing
GOD 0 or GOD 1Turns God mode on and off
ec.dbg skillsUnlock All Skills

Contributed By: iIIuminati, takingmilad, Tech_K0, BraindeadRacr, and steve22_3.

Crafting Materials

Adds the desired amount of crafting materials to your inventory. Note: Enter 'twoworldscheats' first.

ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_chainmail #Adds chainmail to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_fabric #Adds fabric to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_gold #Adds gold to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_metal #Adds iron to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_leather #Adds leather to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_steel #Adds steel to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_wind #Adds the essence of air to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_necro #Adds the essence of death to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_earth #Adds the essence of earth to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_fire #Adds the essence of fire to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_water #Adds the essence of water to your inventory
ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_wood #Adds wood to your inventory

Contributed By: Tech_K0.


After ec.addobjecttoinventory type one of the following: art_add_damage_#x <- for damage art_add_protect_#x <- for resistance art_add_points_#y <- for adding points to your status art_add_maxinventoryweight_# <- for increasing the inventory's weight capacity art_close_# <- for the sealing crystals Note: y = #ePoints x = #eDamage # = Crystal's level (01 - 07)

#ePointsDexterityAccuracy points
#ePointsVitalityEndurance points
#eDamageFireFire damage
#eDamageColdIce damage
#eDamageElectricLightning damage
#eDamagePoisonPoison damage
#eDamageSpiritSpectral damage
#ePointsStrengthStrength points
#ePointsMagicWillpower points

Contributed By: Tech_K0.


Enter an item code after 'ec.addobjecttoinventory'

lockpickAdds a Lockpick
personal_teleport_platformAdds a Personal Teleport Platform
personal_teleportAdds a Teleport Stone
potion_waterwalk_01Adds a Waterwalking Potion
potion_invisible_01Adds an Invisiblity Potion
flyingeye1Adds an Oculus
flyingeye2Adds an Oculus Draconis
flyingeye3Adds an Oculus Infernus
flyingeye4Adds an Oculus Infernus (Different Range/Speed/Damage)

Contributed By: Tech_K0.

Pirates of the Flying Fortress/Worldmerge

Map coordinates for caves and dungeons. Cheats and jump commands only work with registered versions of the games. Open the cheat console and type twoworldscheats and hit Enter. Open console again and type in a map region 5_a1 and hit Enter. DON'T MOVE, stand still. Open console again and type in the location coordinates 2161 3021 132 and hit enter.

1895 940 2062 chests in the Pit
7_b1 1874 371 -86ANGILAK central island NW area
7_b1 3608 408 -117ANGILAK NE area
3245 3476 134Arghud's cave
5_a1 2161 3021 132Bandits cave on Alsorna
6_d1 1305 543 119Burrow
6_b3 2214 3026 -26Clay-Cold Den
6_a2 2714 4846 85Desecrated Shrine
6_a2 3170 4481 -143Dragon Slayer's Den
6_d2 3370 2837 108Dungeon Door
7_a1 1400 3811 -5Dungeon near Cathedral
6_d3 3522 3614 -60E central dungeon
6_c2 465 1524 80E of Creepy Den
3_a3 3742 381 -122east of the boat docks
6_b2 2838 1540 102ERIMOS - Bayan - Creepy Den
16_a1 5880 3153 -147Extra Map crystal shard
6_a3 2521 3018 -111Fetid Den
3483 2846 -134Forgotten Passage for large island to west
6_a2 2166 3700 -195Gorlag's Curse
2520 2317 -159Grom Lair
6_a1 4839 495 -34Hatmandor Cache quest
3_c3 837 2153 -40Human Runestone Tomb
7_c1 2910 3918 -78KANGER NE island Wellbox
6_b2 2813 1349 89Locked Door
6_a3 2759 2938 -111locked door near Fetid Den
1_f2 1523 1172 196Lost Spider Pit
3_b3 363 3383 293Mystical Den
6_c3 4023 2024 -38NE from Sandy Coastline teleport
6_b3 3327 1588 -20Near Horse Charmers Yard
3_a2 4224 1372 442NW section of Eollas near New AShos
7_a1 1586 3455 -2out Cathedral gate, go right
1343 2977 27Passage for island to west
7_c1 2779 2460 -118place bomb at rock wall
7_a1 884 1370 -120POTFF-off W coast of Tornar
7_a2 3605 1357 -117SAUWOK - SE area
7_a2 1365 1564 -18SAUWOK SW Island SW area
6_c2 2585 1941 241se of burned out houses
6_c4 1770 4478 85Shady Kettle Dungeon
6_a4 2740 3609 -159SW dungeon
1_e2 3382 3985 204TIR GEAL on Eikronas Old Crypt
7_c1 3384 3957 -82Trapdoor in shack
3383 1177 144Underground Creatures Husbandry
6_c1 2534 1820 -140use Rogdor's rusty key
2869 4695 95West Central of Eollas

Contributed By: Keith_I2.

Useful Ingredients

Ingredients required to make the Potion of Seven Jumps, Waterwalking Potion, and Invisibility Potion. Note: Enter 'twoworldscheats' first.

ec.addobjecttoinventory ing_57 #Adds Golem's Lifeforce Crystal (Increases duration of effects by 2 minutes)
ec.addobjecttoinventory ing_106 #Adds Master's Finger (makes you invisible)
ec.addobjecttoinventory ing_192 #Adds Scapulari Brain (allows you to walk on water)
ec.addobjecttoinventory ing_155 #Adds Werebeast's Spinal Cord (increases jump ability by 400%)

Contributed By: Tech_K0.


Bonus Item Codes

To enter these codes, go to the pause menu(Esc) and enter them at the "Enter Bonus Code". NOTE: The dashes are necessary.

6770-8976-1634-9490Anathros' Sword (2H Sword)
4149-3083-9823-6545Dragon Armor (Platemail Chest)
3542-3274-8350-6064Elexorie's Sword (2H Sword)
4767-0103-8383-8149Hammer of Krol (2H Mace)
9122-5287-3591-0927Lucienda's Sword (2H Sword)

Contributed By: BraindeadRacr.