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The Dig


Boston Clone

Go to the Tram Control room, the underwater room at the end of the long tunnel from the Nexus -- you know, the one that shows a cinema sequence with the flashlight when you go through it. Go to the far left window and look out into the water. Boston will comment on the underwater tunnel. Now type 'SWANS' on the keyboard, and watch carefully! This doesn't affect anything game-wise, it's just a goofy little trick.

Contributed By: Dark Penguin.

Easter Eggs

Boston's huge muscles

Press Control + B to make Boston flex his muscles, producing an often funny reaction from his teammates. This only works if you are not in space.

Contributed By: Mario1999.


Alternate Ending

After Brink dies the second time, use the eye piece in his machine once more to get two extra life crystals. Then, when Maggie dies, use a life crystal on her to view an alternate ending at the end.

Contributed By: LucasArtsFan.