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Console codes

Write "minsky" fast (followed by an enter) to enable the console. Then use ~ to get to it.

setqueststatus [Enter quest-tag here] [Enter status here]Change the state of any open quest to another status (open run cancel close succeed fail)
helpConsole help
IsoCameraEnables Isometric Camera. Enter again to disable.
FirstPersonCameraFirst person view; may glitch game
give *Gives a specific item
give allGives all items 100 times (will bug quests)
give It_Gold xGives x amount of gold to the player.
goto [name]Go to indicated NPC (case-sensitive)
godGod mode
InvisibleIgnored by enemies until you hit someone or steal something
IsoViewIsometric view
edit PC_HeroPlayer Editor
Time [hh.mm]Set game time
Time scale [number]Set slow or fast motion; 1 is default
Spawn [entity name]Spawn Titan, or Rotworm. Don't spawn NPC's you've killed or you might bug your game.
teach * #teaches a skill * to level #
teach allteaches all skills
listType after entering "help" for a list of console commands.

Contributed By: bugger_, DeathNinja, laxmen14, and BlackCanopus.