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Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers


No, you haven't been drafted. It's not that easy. It's nothing that safe. The country needs a big favoure. The CIA is counting on you to preserve Western Civilization. The Russians have in their possession a notebook known only as The Doomsday Papers. With it, they can bring the world to its knees. Using your special investigative prowess, you must break into a place that is not exactly a tourist attraction. It's a maximum security complex located somewhere in Siberia. The good news is that you won't need a passport. The Bureau is lending you their satellite so you can get into the complex with your computer. They've even managed to infiltrate the building with a few droids called Mobile Remote Units (MRUs) It seems easy enough, once you penetrate the security. Just move the MRUs from room to room. Locate the combinations to the safe. Find the safe. And remove the documents. But it's not that easy. In face, it's downright dangerous. There are video cameras and monitors to be avoided. Guard patrols. And something called... the annihilator. Plus, the only map is the one you've got to make while not being discovered by all of the above. That's why the government wants you. Your reputation got you into this mess. Your skill will have to get you out. There meter is running.
Release Date: 1986