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Supreme Commander 2


Enable Cheats and Debug Keys

Find your Game.prefs file in: For Windows 7/Vista C:\Users\{Your User Name}\AppData\Local\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander 2\ Open the Game.prefs file in Notepad. Right at the very top above the "options_overrides" add the following to the very top of the file: debug = { enable_debug_facilities = true } Next Press Ctrl+F in notepad and type in: CheatsEnabled = Then click search, If it comes up change the 'false' into 'true'. If it does not come up in search, find the following text.\: options = { Then below that tab over a few times and add in the following text: CheatsEnabled = 'true', Once everything is done and that you have enabled debug and cheats... Now you can save and close notepad.

Shuts down the enemy AI for the rest of the match (Unconfirmed!?)['Alt-A']
Deletes all (Selected!!!) instantly without explosion or (nuclear effects) from the map.['Alt-Delete']
Launches the Create Unit Interface and will create the selected unit at the cursor position.['Alt-F2']
Prevents (ALL!!) units and players from getting damaged.['Alt-N']
Teleports all selected units to the cursor.['Alt-T']
Gives (ALL!!) players 99999 of mass, energy, and research points['Ctrl-Alt-B']
Toggles fog of war from the map.['Ctrl-Alt-Z']
Copies the selected units into the clipboard.['Ctrl-Shift-C']
Gives (ALL!!) players all research.['Ctrl-Shift-R']
Creates all units that are inside the clipboard.['Ctrl-Shift-V']
Brings up the console window for command line cheat input.['Z']

Contributed By: Zidonuke.


Cybran Hidden Campaign objectives

There are 8 hidden objectives :

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Mission 3 : Collect all of the Technology Caches.Cache and Carry
Mission 2 : Complete the operation without a unit being captured by the enemy.Great Escapist
Mission 6 : Win the operation without the aid of any Experimentals.Master of Pawns
Mission 5 : Build a Kraken Experimental Submarine.Master of the Deep
Mission 2 : Capture a Rogue Engineer.Master Thief
Mission 6 : Complete all available research.Research Savant
Mission 4 : Build at least four Soul Ripper Experimentals.Sultan of Soul
Mission 1 : Survive Gauge's onslaught after the download completes.Survival Expert

Contributed By: Arkanen.

Illuminate Hidden Campaign objectives

There are 9 hidden objectives :

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Mission 6 : Build your first Darkenoid.A Czar is Born
Mission 3 : Capture all of the Security Stations.Agent Provocateur
Mission 1 : Prevent the blockade from taking more than 25% damage.Blockhead
Mission 6 : Complete the operation with an army made up entirely of Assault Bots (you cannot build any other type of units).Bot Lord
Mission 4 : Build at least eight Experimental units.Experimental Fanatic
Mission 2 : Complete the operation by constructing fewer than 30 mobile units.Master Tactician
Mission 3 : Take out the enemy air defenses.Not the Bees!
Mission 3 : Take out the prison's defensive structures.Pro Anti-Air
Mission 6 : Prevent any enemy King Kriptors from crossing the main fortress bridge.Supremest Commander

Contributed By: Arkanen.

UEF Hidden Campaign objectives

There are 7 hidden objectives :

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Mission 4 : Defeat Coleman without the aid of the Fatboys.Brutal Conqueror
Mission 2 : Build at least two Mass Extractors in enemy territory.Economic Opportunist
Mission 5 : Build at least four Experimental unitsExperimenter
Mission 3 : Build an Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft Carrier.Master of the Seas
Mission 6 : Prevent any enemy King Kriptors from crossing the main fortress bridge.None Shall Pass!
Mission 6 : Launch your first nuke.Nuke King
Mission 1 : Survive the initial wave of Cybran attackers without losing any units.Survivor

Contributed By: Arkanen.


Steam Achievements

Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

Complete all three campaigns 'Normal' difficultyA Winner is You
Complete the 'Lethal Weapons' operationAlarming
Complete the 'The Great Leap Forward' operationAnimal Magnetism
Complete the 'Delta Force' operationBarge Ahead
Complete 'prime time' with an army made up entirely of assault botsBot Lord
Complete the 'The Trouble With Technology' operationBugs in the System
Win a skirmish match against any AI opponentCakewalk
Complete the 'Gatekeeper' operationClass Reunion
Play 25 skirmish matches with one factionCommitted Relationship
Complete the 'Prime Target' operationCommunication Breakdown
Complete all hidden campaign objectivesCompletist
Play 10 skirmish matches with one factionDating
Complete the 'Strike While Cold' operationDeep Freeze
Complete the 'Fact Finder' operationDownloading
Complete all three campaigns on 'Easy' difficultyEasy Going
Complete the 'Titans of Industry' operationFatboy Parade
Win a co-op match vs AIFriends
Win 10 co-op matches vs AIGood Friends
Win a skirmish match against all AI opponentsGood Game
Complete the 'Cliff Diving' operationGorged
Complete the 'Steamed' operationHole in the Ground
Win an online matchInternet Commander
Complete all primary and secondary campaign objectivesKnows it All
Win a skirmish match without building any ExperimentalsLuddite
Extract 1,000,000 massMasster
Build 10,000 unitsMaster Builder
Complete the 'Factions or Family Plan' operationNuclear Strike
Complete the 'Back on the Chain Gang' operationPrison Break
Win a Ranked online matchRanker
Improve your score on any operationReplayer
Complete the 'Prime Time' operationReunited
Complete the 'End of an Alliance' operationRodgers is Relieved
Win a skirmish match in less than five minutesRushin' Front
Win a skirmish match with each factionSampling
Get a complete campaign score over 150,000Score Hoarder
Complete the 'Off Base' operationSecond Target
Destroy 10,000 unitsSharp Shooter
Win a skirmish match on every multiplayer mapSightseer
Complete both parts of the tutorialStart Here
Win 25 Ranked online matchesSupreme Online Commander
Complete all three campaigns on 'Hard' difficultySupremest Commander
Survive multiple waves after the download completes in 'Fact Finder'Survivalist
Don't lose any units during the first attack in 'prime target'Survivor
Complete the 'The Final Countdown' operationTerra Firma
Play the game for over 24 hours in totalTime Cruncher
Win 25 skirmish matchesTo the Vict...
Complete the 'Surface Tension' operationWell Stocked

Contributed By: Guard Master.