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Restaurant Empire II


Enable exterior upgrades

Press SHIFT+ALT+E to enable the exterior upgrades for all your restaurants, without counting the overall upgrade restriction

Contributed By: CheaterQueen.

Get All Mysterious Items

Go into one of your chef's/staff's mysterious items box. Press CTRL+ALT+A and you'll get 1 of each of the mysterious items in the game. Continue holding CTRL+ALT and pressing A to receive many items.

Contributed By: jdharding.

Money Cheat

Hold down ALT + Shift + C to get $100,000

Contributed By: CheaterQueen.

Raise ingredients/food rating.

Press SHIFT+ALT+F during cooking competitions to raise your ingredient/food's rating.

Contributed By: CheaterQueen.

Win Scenario

Press F11 and hold down SHIFT+ALT+V to win the current level.

Contributed By: CheaterQueen.