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Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood


Steam Achievements

Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

Purchase the Foreign Legion FAMAS3.8 kg of Love
Purchase an outfit, helmet and accessoryAww, Pretty Princess
Make a kill chain of 10 killsBlood Hunger
Escort the bus safely without it taking damageBuckle Up
Kill 25 chickensChicken BBQ
Kill 2500 chickensChicken Kebab Party
Kill all chickens in one roundChicken Slaughter
Win the game with all civilians aliveDamage Control
Kill 5 enemies with an air raidDeath From Above
Reach level 20Ding!
Beat the game in the veteran difficultyForeign Legionair
Play a game with only the Peace Badge and Bullets equippedFull Metal Jacket
Repair the town hall 5 times in one roundHandyman
Make 15 headshots in one roundHeadless Horseman
Play a game with only the Smiley Badge equippedKilling with a Smile
Play a game with only the Night Vision Goggles equippedLet there be Light
Find the minigunMy Little Friend
Kill 4 enemies with one rocketRocket Man
Survive 30 minutes in endless modeSurvivor
Kill 1337 enemies in totalThe Elite
Kill all enemy waves in 7 minutesTime Traveler
Finish the campaign on any difficultyWar Hero

Contributed By: th3l3fty and Guard Master.