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Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West


Steam Achievements

Revive a gangmate.A doc on holiday
Attain rank 9 in a multiplayer match.Ace-High
Finish off 20 knocked down (KD) enemies in a single multiplayer round.Angel of death
Kill 6 enemies caught in traps in a single multiplayer round.Artemis
Collect 8 sacks of gold in a Goldfever (COOP) match.Avarice
Kill 3 enemies within 12 seconds using fanning.Barrage
Win a match.Beginners Luck
Kill 25 enemies with the coach gun in a multiplayer round.Buckshot
Conquer 30 zones.Conqueror
Conquer 180 zones.Conqueror 2
Conquer 720 zones.Conqueror 3
Catch 10 enemies in your traps during a single multiplayer round.Coureur des Bois
Die 300 times.Daisy Pusher
Die 150 times.Dead Meat
Perform 10 headshots with the Buffalo rifle in a single multiplayer round.Decapitator
Destroy 60 objectives.Demolisher
Win 30 powder keg matches.Detonator
Tag 20 enemies during a multiplayer round.Eagle eye
Kill a developer.Feedback
Finish off 10 knocked down (KD) enemies in a single multiplayer round.Finisher
Kill an enemy.First Blood
Kill 3 enemies with a single dynamite blast.Fish in a Barrel
Destroy 20 Objectives.Fistful of TNT
Destroy 60 Objectives.Fistful of TNT 2
Destroy 180 Objectives.Fistful of TNT 3
Win 100 matches.Force Multiplier
Win 30 matches involving sacks of gold.Forty-Niner
Play a multiplayer round without getting killed or knocked down and kill at least 8 enemies.Ghost
Deliver 30 sacks of gold.Gold Rush
Deliver 180 sacks of gold.Gold Rush 2
Deliver 720 sacks of gold.Gold Rush 3
Deliver 4 sacks of gold in a single multiplayer round.Goldsnatcher
Revive 5 gangmates during a single game round.Goodfellow
Kill 15 enemies with dynamite in a multiplayer round.Grenadier
Shoot off 20 hats.Hat Trick
Shoot off 100 hats.Hats Off to you Sir!
Win 30 conquest matches.Head Honcho
Shoot off 4 enemy hats in a row (without dying or killing them)Headgear Harvest
Perform at least 8 head shots in a single multiplayer round.Headhunter
Win 100 powder keg matches.Kegmeister
Rack up 30 kills in a multiplayer round.Lead Pusher
Kill one and only one of each archetype in a row (without dying)Left 4 Dead
Win 100 matches involving sacks of gold.Leprechaun
Play all release maps.Lewis and Clark
Trap 30 enemies.Lure of the Huntress
Trap 180 enemies.Lure of the Huntress 2
Trap 720 enemies.Lure of the Huntress 3
Shoot off 15 hats in a multiplayer round.Mad Hatter
Tag 40 enemies.Marshal
Tag 250 enemies.Marshal 2
Tag 800 enemies.Marshal 3
Revive 12 gangmates in a multiplayer round.Medicine man
During a multiplayer round, gangmates kill 10 enemies tagged by you.Natural Born Leader
Revive 30 gangmates.Nightingale
Revive 180 gangmates.Nightingale 2
Revive 720 gangmates.Nightingale 3
Killl 30 enemies with dynamite.Noble Prize
Kill 180 enemies with dynamite.Noble Prize 2
Kill 720 enemies with dynamite.Noble Prize 3
Kill 3 enemies caught in your traps during a multiplayer round.One Step Ahead
Be the player delivering the most sacks to base during a round. Repeat 3 times.Pack Mule
Kill 20 enemies with fanning in a multiplayer round.Quickshot
Score a long range headshot.Quigley
Kill 250 enemies.Rising Scourge of the West
As the Gunslinger, deliver 3 sacks of gold and kill 12 enemies in a multiplayer round.Road agent
Win 100 conquest matches.Royalty
Kill 1000 enemies.Scourge of the West
Rack up 20 kills in a multiplayer round.Sharpshooter
Kill 3 enemies with a six shooter without reloading in a multiplayer match.Shootist
Kill 20 enemies with your sidearm (Gunslinger's revolver not included).Sidearm Savvy
Kill 60 enemies with your sidearm (Gunslinger's revolver not included).Sidearm Savvy 2
Kill 180 enemies with your sidearm (Gunslinger's revolver not included).Sidearm Savvy 3
During a multiplayer round, teammates kill 5 enemies tagged by you.Spotter
Kill 7 enemies with headshots in a row (without dying)Summer Hits
Play a multiplayer round without getting killed or knocked down and kill at least 4 enemies.Survivor
Shoot off 250 hats.They were all hat, no cattle.
Win 300 Matches.To the Victor Belong the Spoils
Kill 2000 enemies.Ultimate Scourge of the West
Perform a Grand Slam (kill 4 players within a short amount of time) in any multiplayer match.Unforgiven
Kill 50 enemies using fanning.Wild Bill
Kill 300 enemies using fanning.Wild Bill 2
Kill 900 enemies using fanning.Wild Bill 3

Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty.