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Rocket Knight


Unlockable Characters

Complete the indicated task to unlock given items.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Arcade Mode on Hard difficultyAxel Gear
Complete Arcade Mode on Hard difficultyGold Sparkster

Contributed By: Sour.

Unlocking Hard-Mode

Here is a list of the special techniques (Things you have to do to a boss before you beat them) in order to unlock Hard Mode for the next set of levels. Whenever you complete a special technique, a sound effect will play in the background.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
When fighting the Wolf King, destroy one of the crumbling platforms when he's standing on it, so that he falls to the floor below and gets damaged.Hard Mode: Deep Underground
When fighting Axel Gear, catch him in the blast of his glowing purple orb attack.Hard Mode: Return to Zephyrus
When fighting the Forest Shredder, reflect one of the sticks of dynamite it throws back at its face.Hard Mode: Wolf Kingdom

Contributed By: Sour.


Steam Achievements

Complete world 3Bunker Buster
Defeat 5 enemies in a single Rocket Burst or Drill attackBurst Friends
Complete world 1City Saviour
Completed Arcade Mode on HardDevotindos Defiler
Completed all stagesElhorn Tourist
Completed 1.2 having defeated all enemiesFerocious Flier
Completed all stages below par timeImpatient Hero
Completed gold sparkster modeLegendary Possum
Completed 3.2 without taking damageNimble Knight
Completed Arcade Mode on Hard within 60 minutesRedoubtable Runner
Complete world 4Return of the Rocket Knights
Completed Arcade Mode scoring 1,000,000 or moreSpark Dog Millionaire
Completed 2.1 having collected all pickupsWolf Connoisseur
Complete world 2Wolf Kingdom Conqueror
Defeat 3 enemies with a single reflected projectileWoodland Bouncer
Completed Arcade Mode on NormalZephyrus Saviour

Contributed By: Guard Master.