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Steam Achievements

Finished 25 ChallengesApprentice
10 Grenade Spells usedBlaster
Captured 100 pig trophiesBringing home the bacon
Won 3 skirmish matches against the bronze aiBronze Award
25 Protection Towers builtCare Manager
Played 100 online matchesCenturio
Won the LeagueChampion
Won the CupCup Winner
25 Damage Towers builtDestroyer
25 Matches on a Swamp MapDoctor of Ecology
25 Matches on a Lava MapDoctor of Geology
25 Matches on a Fall MapDoctor of Meteorology
25 Matches on an Winter MapDoctor of Polar Science
10 Matches on a Swamp MapEcologist
Captured 25 pig trophiesEnthusiast
Finished 10 ChallengesFreshman
10 Matches on a Lava MapGeologist
Won a skirmish match against the God AIGod Award
Won 3 skirmish matches against the gold aiGold Award
10 Shelter Spells usedGuardian Angel
10 Regeneration Spells usedHealer
Won a skirmish match against the Hero AIHero Award
Played 10 online matchesImmunis
25 Power Stations destroyedInterruptor
Won a skirmish match against the Legend AILegend Award
Finished all ChallengesMaster
10 Heal Spells usedMedic
10 Matches on a Fall MapMeteorologist
Played One online matchMiles Gregarius
10 Matches on an Winter MapPolar Scientist
10 Time Bomb Spells usedPyrotechnician
25 Neutralization Towers builtRefrigerator
10 Burden Spells usedRetarder
25 Speed Towers builtRoadrunner
10 Shot Blocker Spells usedSaboteur
Finished 50 ChallengesSenior
10 High Damage Spells usedSharpshooter
Played 50 online matchesSignifer
Won 3 skirmish matches against the silver aiSilver Award
10 Slow Motion Spells usedSnail Master
10 Ice Spells usedSnowman
10 Relieve Spells usedSpell Dodger
10 Block Magic Spells usedSpoilsport
10 Boost Spells usedSprinter
25 Resource Towers builtStinky Rich
10 Haste Spells usedTop Athlete
50 Enemy Towers destroyedTower Crusher
Captured 50 pig trophiesTrophy Hunter
10 Shield Spells usedTurtle
Won 25 online matchesVery Important Player
10 Freeze Region Spells usedYeti

Contributed By: Guard Master.